Female teen stands between police officers and Ferguson protesters

Female teen stands between police officers and Ferguson protesters
(Fair Use, Wikimedia; Facebook photo of Michael Brown)

In a daring act of courage, a white 19-year-old female, Lexi Kozhevsky, a nursing student attending St. Louis University, stood by herself between a line of police officers and the Ferguson protesters who were there to mark the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, Fox News Insider reported on Tuesday.

As Missouri officials issued a state of emergency due to the outbreak of violence in Ferguson that included a police-involved shooting Sunday night that left a suspect in critical condition, such violence did not seem to bother Kozhevsky as bottles, rocks, and other objects were thrown at police.

Kozhevsky, speaking to David Carson, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch video-photographer on why she was out there amid the violence and putting herself between the police and the protestors, said, “If anything comes their way, I would rather it hit me than them, because they’ve already been through a lot and I don’t think they deserve that. I get it… they have a legitimate reason to protest. There’s definitely discrimination in America… There’s definitely racism.”

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