Federal Park Ranger slams founders, Constitution during tour of Independence Hall

Mary-Hogan-Banner.sized-770x415xcThis is how far we’ve gone in Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” America.

According to a report at PJ Media, Mary A. Hogan, a federal employee J. Christian Adams said makes over $95,000 per year, slammed the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as she led a tour group through Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

According to Hogan, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were the product of “class elites who were just out to protect their privileged status.”

Adams reported:

Several attendees of her tour group on Monday told PJ Media that Hogan, who goes by the name Missy, had explained to them that “the Founders knew that when they left this room, what they had written wouldn’t matter very much.” Hogan told the group that the “most important part of the Constitution written at Independence Hall was the ability to change it.”

Hogan also inaccurately told the tour group that “King George III paid more attention to Parliament” than the colonists “because they were right there and could remove him from office.” Parliament did not possess the power to remove the king from office in the 1770s, and does not possess that power today.

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And to think this is what our tax dollars are funding.

According to Adams, Hogan’s LinkedIn page says she is the “chief of operations” at the National Park Service in Philadelphia.

God help us…


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