Federal Court Orders DOJ to Stop Extracting Info From James O’Keefe Phones

In a move that’s nearly too little too late, a Federal Court ordered the DOJ to stop extracting information from James O’Keefe’s phones. The situation began when the FBI raided the New York apartment of the Founder of Project Veritas on November 6. The court order was issued on November 11. That gave them 4+ days to snoop through James O’Keefe’s private information. IF they bother to do what the court told them to do. Which for the Biden Administration is iffy. (Washington Examiner)

DOJ ordered to stop extracting protected data

In a predawn raid on November 6, ten FBI agents “with a battering ram” burst in on an only partially dressed James O’Keefe. They placed him in handcuffs, threw him against the wall, then rummaged around in his home for 2 hours, claiming to be looking for evidence of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley. As we previously reported, Project Veritas was given a copy of the diary last year, but did not publish it because they could not verify it, so they gave it to local law enforcement.

According to O’Keefe, he, his journalistic team, and their attorneys scrutinized the diary. They could corroborate neither its authenticity nor its contents. So, they did not run a story or otherwise publicize this document, its existence, or anything inside of it. Instead, they reported the entire situation to local cops.

If O’Keefe’s account is accurate, and his earnest bafflement on-air suggests as much, then he and Project Veritas did nothing wrong and plenty right.

Indeed, the fact that O’Keefe had the potentially embarrassing diary of Joe Biden’s daughter, and he did not wave it over his head like a proverbial bloody shirt, speaks convincingly to O’Keefe’s high journalistic standards and formidable sense of restraint.

Rather than applaud and thank O’Keefe for not embarrassing the First Daughter, Biden’s well-armed muscle instead shackled him as he was partially undressed, poked through his possessions for hours, and then carted off O’Keefe’s two iPhones, his First Amendment-protected journalistic notes, and confidential records on sources, donors, and other privileged matters.

Deroy Murdock


Simply telling the corrupt DOJ to stop snooping is guaranteed to be irrelevant. The amount of time has given them enough days to take photos/screenshots of the things they want to see, which exposes Project Veritas donors and source information. Since the New York Times has already published portions of confidential documents belonging to Project Veritas, there has obviously been a collusion between the leftist NYT and corrupt FBI.

Reminder: James O’Keefe is in the process of suing the NYT for defamation. Too much coincidence here. The court must eventually issue an expungment order for every single piece of information extracted. Every. Single. One.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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