The FBI’s Entrenchment With Allah’s Terrorists: Explosive Knock-On Effects. Historical Truths Underlie Deadly Consequences.

Author: Adina Kutnicki

WHILE the notion of a poisoned well within the FBI – the front-arm of America’s domestic security – seems preposterous and paranoid on its face, the fact is that the FBI of yesteryear is no longer operational. Pie in the sky.

MOREOVER, despite the election of President Trump, currently, for all intents and purposes, it is a politically driven and ideologically based agency. Beyond evidentiary. And unless Director Comey is kicked to the curb post haste (and Trump says he wants to give him a chance!), and with concomitant draining of the entire apparatus, upcoming explosions (read: San Bernardino, CA and Orlando’s Pulse Gay Club on steroids, out of others) are in the bag, so to speak. Know that said jihadists were on the FBI’s radar, yet NOTHING was done to bring them to heel. Why? 

EVEN so, while it is one thing to assert this and that, on the other hand, it requires a network of reliable “in the know” contacts to back up said charges with a provable case. Resultant, let’s start (re)building one.


AS such, from the moment that HUSSEIN Obama despoiled the People’s House in January 2009, inevitably, each and every arm of the government became tainted. And just as certain poisons are slow-acting by taking their time to infect the entire body, similarly, it took several years for the overall (read: DHS) security apparatus to succumb. But we were talking about the FBI….

IN this regard, it is intrinsic to review the following report from March 2015 because it is a bulls-eye. Explosive. Its basis begs the question: why would the FBI hire Special Agents from the Brotherhood Mafia’s ADAMS Center? (Un)holy jihad.

There should no longer be a scintilla of a doubt: America’s (domestic) security arm has fallen into enemy hands – the Brotherhood Mafia’s!

Not only that, but the heretofore non-public (disseminated) email is more than proof positive. As to how it was retrieved, well….

But never mind. Be prepared to be afraid – very afraid! Read on.

did you KNOW obama has a sharia law czar? He is Imam Mohammed Majid of the ADAMS Center in Northern Virginia

(The head honcho at the ADAMS Center, Mohamed Magid, has a laundry list of Brotherhood connections!)

If you ever wondered whether the Brotherhood Mafia’s tentacles actually reach into the deepest recesses of America’s security umbrella, just stop wondering.

As repeatedly evidenced at this site, indeed, HUSSEIN Obama has their backs. Period.

Regardless, a backdrop is a necessary tool to have at your fingertips. As such, the following heavy lifting should be utilized as a quick resource guide. In the main, it exposes DHS‘s Brotherhood ties. Basically, as the Feds overall security umbrella, its inexorable relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood is more than germane. Deadly.

Similarly, the FBI, America’s domestic security service, has been highlighted as a co-opted agency. No doubt.



 In this regard, incontrovertibly, the FBI is a (CAIR) captured operation!


Not only that, the FBI takes many directives from Brotherhood-linked agents within Obama Inc. and they often “stand down”, as ordered. Can you imagine?


As always, this site offers more “proof-in-the-pudding”, and the following demonstrates why the FBI is no longer America’s front-line defense.


But let’s place bets: how many think that actual FBI “meets” end up with a positive result, at least when reporting on Islamists within? Take a guess. Even more so, do you really believe that DIRECT death threats will move the higher-ups to task their field agents to “investigate”? Hmm. By the way, it is more than likely that fairy dust will grant your wishes, as opposed to getting the FBI to dig into obvious Islamic (domestic) dirt.

Despite this investigative journalist’s prior alerts and highlights, the fact remains that it is always efficacious to flesh out newly received details. Hence, (some of) the Brotherhood’s internal emails may (or may not) be cited. Do scroll down, and you will view a most recent “find.”

In this regard, for those who are unfamiliar with the ADAMS CENTER – a majorly jacked-up Brotherhood operating base – it is past time to catch up to speed.

Year Founded: 1983


Revenue: Unavailable because it is registered as a church

Address: 46903 Sugarland Rd., Sterling, VA 20164

More specifically, the following should set their terror record straight:

In March 2002, the Herndon office of the ADAMS Center was raided by federal agents as part of a terrorism investigation into the Safa Group, a network tied to the U.S.Muslim Brotherhood. A government affidavit said the group is “suspected of providing support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax evasion through the use of a variety of for-profit companies and ostensible charitable entities under their control, most of which are located at 555 Grove Street, Herndon, V.A.”[3]

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Association of Muslim Social Scientists of North America (AMSS) and Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE) are all located at that address. The ADAMS Center website says it still has a branch in Herndon.[4] The affidavit mentions that in 1997, a $250,000 check was written to the ADAMS Center from the SAAR Foundation and deposited into the bank account of the Safa Trust, two of the entities under investigation.

The affidavit also states that Ahmad Totonji, one of the suspects in the investigation, is the chairman of the ADAMS Center board of trustees.[5] Totonji is considered one of the main founders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network. Magid used to be an adviser to the Sterling Charitable Gift Fund, which was also raided.[6]

Others raided were the homes of Omar Ashraf, ADAMS Center Project Committee member; Muhammed Ashraf, ADAMS Center Legal Adviser and Iqbal Unus, Vice President of the ADAMS Center board of trustees and Laws Committee member.[7]

In September 2014, ADAMS Center executive director Mohamed Magid endorsed a letter opposing the Islamic State terrorist group’s tactics, but endorsed sharia governance’s brutal hudud punishments, the recreation of a caliphate and the Islamist doctrine of gradualism. It even implied that journalists that are viewed as dishonest as acceptable targets for violence.[8]

Trenchantly, the ADAMS CENTER is highlighted in the premier book on the Brotherhood: The Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.

Furthermore, the FBI was given fair warning about their recruiting efforts, yet they continue to reach out to the same terror-laden groups. Why?

So, here we go again, round and round the Brotherhood’s terror tree, as the following (supposedly protected…hmm) internal email more than clarifies:

From: “Farooq Syed [email protected] [adams1]” < [email protected]>
Date: March 5, 2015 at 2:01:22 AM EST
To: [email protected]
Subject: [adams1] JOBS: FBI Special Agent Posting
Reply-To: Farooq Syed < [email protected]>
We are pleased to announce that the FBI Special Agent application is now open and will remain open until March 15, 2015. Applications received during this period will be considered for the 2015/2016 hiring years.
Please share with anyone who you think might be interested.
Posted by: Farooq Syed < [email protected]>

TO wit, now that their cemented entrenchment is revealed for what it is, it should be obvious that the following assertion (March 2017) by Pamela Geller is as true as night follows day: “Obama’s FBI ‘wanted us dead’.” Them’s fightin’ words!

EXTRAPOLATING further, the very fact that FBI Director Comey is still at the helm (having been appointed on September 4, 2013, and in charge of the running of agents who deliberately placed Geller and others within the gun-sights of ISIS in Garland, Texas on May 3, 2015) tells the tale. Effectively, if there was “no there there”, does anyone believe that the proof within the aforementioned link would even be possible? Of course not. 

WHICH brings us straight to the here and now, as the very same Comey, an obstructionist and worse, was unmasked by Freshman Representative Elise M. Stefanik as a Deep State Black Hat Operative! In other words, the FBI is beyond co-opted, and this includes his cooperation with the Brotherhood Mafia and globalists at large. Collusive. Corrosive.

BESIDES, isn’t it curious that the NSA feels compelled to hand over to Congress requested info – relative to “apparent” spying by the Obama administration – even so, “Comey has not agreed to his (Nunes) request to provide its intelligence reports on the Trump transition team.” Go figure.

STILL yet, it is impossible to connect the dots, to come full circle, without internalizing Islam’s underlying historical truths: CAIR, as the Brotherhood’s (American) propaganda arm, works day and night to cement the (western) PC mantra and mania, that is, that Islam is a “religion of peace.” By extension, those who disagree are “Islamophobes.” O RLY?? 

Paris police are checking suspicions that a 27-year-old Muslim murdered his Jewish neighbor, Sarah Lucy Halimi, following a confrontation in her apartment.

According to a report in Yediot Aharonot, 66-year-old Halimi was attacked by the terrorist as she slept in her bed. He stabbed her and pushed her from her third-story apartment to her death while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

During the police investigation, the terrorist asserted that the Koran had commanded him to murder her.

TO wit…..

A direct correlation exists between Western ignorance of history and Western ignorance of Islam’s “troublesome” doctrines.  It is this connection that allows Islam’s apologists to get away with so many distortions and outright lies meant to shield Islam.

Take Reza Aslan, CNN’s resident “cannibal: he recently claimed that “Islamophobia”— defined by CAIR and others as “unfounded fear of and hostility towards Islam”—was created by a few “clowns” in 2014.

To be sure, Western fear of Islam is something of a recent phenomenon in modern times.  Because the world was a much bigger place a few decades ago, and Islam was oceans away, the average American hardly knew anything about Muhammad’s creed.  However, as the world has become smaller—as Muslims have grown in numbers in Western societies, as modern technology has made it possible for the weaker to terrorize the stronger, and then broadcast it for the world to see (via Internet)—so has the Western world been hearing, seeing, and experiencing more and more of Islam.

But Aslan’s lament is not that people were once ignorant but now are wise to Islam.  Rather, he accuses a number of writers and activists—the aforementioned “clowns”—of manufacturing a menacing image of Islam, which, in turn, has prompted Western people to develop an “unfounded fear of and hostility towards Islam”—or, in a word, “Islamophobia.”

Such a claim relies on an obscene amount of historical ignorance.  The fact is, Western peoples, including some of their luminaries, have portrayed Islam as a hostile and violent force from the very start—often in terms that would make today’s “Islamophobe” blush.  And that wasn’t because Europeans were “recasting the other” to “validate their imperial aspirations” (to use the tired terminology of Edward Said that has long dominated academia’s treatment of Western-Muslim interactions).  Rather, it was because, from the very start, Islam treated the “infidel” the same way ISIS treats the infidel: atrociously.

According to Muslim history, in 628, Muhammad summoned the Roman (or “Byzantine”) emperor, Heraclius—the symbolic head of “the West,” then known as “Christendom”—to submit to Islam; when the emperor refused, a virulent jihad was unleashed against the Western world.  Less than 100 years later, Islam had conquered more than two-thirds of Christendom, and was raiding deep into France.  While these far-reaching conquests are often allotted a sentence, if that, in today’s textbooks, the chroniclers of the time, including Muslim ones, make clear that these were cataclysmic events that had a traumatic effect on, and played no small part in forming, the unconquered portion of Christendom, which became Europe proper.  As Ibn Khaldun famously put it after describing incessant Muslim raids for booty and slaves all along Europe’s Mediterranean coasts during the ninth and tenth centuries, “the Christians could no longer float a plank on the sea.”  They took to the inlands and the Dark Ages began…..continue the educational process!

MIND you, the following mosque messages resonate throughout the Muslim world, and are exhorted throughout the west. Never forget this.

MOST significantly, it is this knowledge base which brings into focus, glaringly so, the guaranteed explosive effects due to the knock-on effects from the FBI’s collaboration with CAIR or another of the Brotherhood’s inter-locking hydras.  

{MEMO: FB’s censors have blocked their share button to Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog! Yes, additional “proof-in-the pudding” as to why “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” had to be written!}

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