FBI releases full unedited aerial video of LaVoy Finicum shooting

finicum-handsupOn Thursday, the FBI released the full, unedited aerial video of the felony car stop in which rancher LaVoy Finicum was shot dead by law enforcement authorities.

At about 9:20 into the video, one can see the while truck slam into a snowbank and a man wearing a cowboy hat — presumably Finicum — is seen exiting the vehicle with his hands clearly raised.  At one point he appears to reach down toward his belt, but it is not clear if there is anything in his hand.


Here’s an expanded view of Finicum in the above photo:


Shortly thereafter, he is shot and falls to the ground.

One Facebook post explained:

Finicum FBI Shooting VideoStarting the unedited video at approximately nine minutes and fifteen seconds (9:15), a…

Posted by Glass Antler: Public Desk on Thursday, January 28, 2016

It’s not entirely clear from this video how many times Finicum was shot.

One thing is clear, however.  Finicum did not charge anyone after getting out of the vehicle and his hands were raised.  When one considers the distance and the curves in the road, one cannot help but question some of the statements made in the video recollection provided by Bundy bodyguard Mark McConnell.

It’s also not entirely clear how many times the vehicle was struck, but one can see what appears to be explosions from flash-bang grenades.

Here’s the full unedited video, which was posted without sound.

As we said before, this story is far from over and all of the facts have yet to come out.


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