FBI Posing as Militia in Oregon – Fire Marshal Resigns

On Thursday, a post at Oath Keepers said that Harney County Fire Marshal Chris Briels resigned because he refuses to work for people he doesn’t trust. And lately, it appears that at least one official has been attempting to intimidate this man who cares deeply about his community. Add that to the fact that when he investigated the sightings of what appeared to be militia vehicles at the local armory, he learned that the vehicles belonged to undercover FBI agents. But Mr. Briels is in no way finished with his service to Harney County.

A man who cares

Briels, who has lived in Burns for years, is on the “Committee of Safety” – the group set up to try to find solutions regarding the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and restoration of the rights of the people. But it seems that there are some in his community that are deeply hostile to Mr. Briels being on that committee and have tried to make him distance himself from it. Intimidation has been the name of that game.

“I want these people [the Bundys and Militia] to go home to their families. I want law enforcement to go home to their families. … We have been doing everything we can to mitigate this situation, to deescalate this situation.” Chris Briels.

The committee has been “blacklisted” from different meeting places. They were finally able to meet at the Senior Center, but not until after they received an apology from a local.

Judge Steve Grasty told Mr. Briels that he was too old and had nothing left to give anyone. Briels is 63. Grasty apparently thinks unkind words will stop Mr. Briels from helping his community. That will accomplish the exact opposite of what it was designed to do. Briels was told that it was HIS fault the community was frightened. Huh?

 fbi posing
Chris Briels speaks about his resignation

FBI Posing as Militia

When Mr. Briels noticed a pickup truck hanging around the local armory, he approached it and asked the men inside what they were doing. They said they were just two guys looking for a place to start a business. He pressed them, and they continued to lie. So he went back, called the dispatcher and told them about the truck. They ran the license place and it came back to the FBI.

Are they trying to make sure the locals are against the militia? Or are they trying something else even more nefarious? Would they harm someone in the community in an attempt to make sure they were against the folks at the refuge? We sincerely hope not- but it does make you wonder just exactly what they are up to. And it might behoove everyone involved in this mess to complain to the FBI – just to let them know that you know.

A Community Divided

This entire incident hasn’t just divided Patriots, it is rapidly dividing the community of Burns. But in  a way, perhaps the reckless actions of a few have been teaching some valuable lessons to good men like Chris Briels. He seems to understand that he has to stand for something besides what others tell him.

All is not always what it seems, and those who say they are one thing may be quite another. The government cannot be trusted, and neither can anyone else.


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