FBI, DOJ do ‘Keystone Cops’ impersonation, reverse course on Mateen transcript

Keystone KopsAfter being hammered by pretty much everyone with a functioning brain cell, the Department of Justice and the FBI reversed course on their decision to censor the transcript of a call between authorities and Omar Mateen, the Islamist gunman who murdered some 49 people and wounded over 50 more at an Orlando nightclub.

After beclowning itself with that decision, and defending it by claiming it would prevent further terrorism, the agencies reversed course, essentially performing a rather bad impersonation of the Keystone Cops…

Initially, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the transcript would be edited to remove references to religion.

Then the FBI said it redacted the transcript to help prevent further terror attacks.

But it seems that’s all changed, because of the “unnecessary distraction” caused by the agencies’ censorship:

Of course, it was the Obama regime that caused this “distraction” and yes, it was unnecessary.

Here’s the transcript we should’ve seen from the beginning:

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But, some have observed, the transcript is still partially redacted.


It seems the DOJ and the FBI left the word “God” in place instead of “Allah.”

Twitchy noted: “Congratulations, Obama administration. You’ve managed to make yourself look even worse.”

Maybe they’ll blame global warming or the Bush administration by dinnertime…


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