FBI descends to the level of Brennan’s CIA

FBI Director James Comey (L) and CIA Director John Brennan (R) at the 2016 Intelligence and National Security Summit
FBI Director James Comey (L) and CIA Director John Brennan (R) at the 2016 Intelligence and National Security Summit

Former CIA Operations officer, Kent Clizbe, reported that FBI Director James Comey’s abject submission to the powers that be, likely destroyed the final pillar in traditional America, where we were Americans first, and political partisans second.

Clizbe stated that sadly, the FBI’s political whitewash of Hillary Clinton’s apparent crimes illustrates the bureau’s descent into the same politicization of the CIA under John Brennan and Obama.

“From its first days, the Obama administration has poisoned the well of American interests in favor of its own political interests, “said Clizbe. “Since Obama unveiled John Brennan as his preferred intelligence expert during the 2008 presidential campaign, non-partisan American interests have been sacrificed for the interests of Politically Correct Progressivism.”

Brennan, the first director of the National Counter-terrorism Center (NCTC) from 2004-2005, was rewarded with the counter-terrorism czar throne, Homeland Security Advisor, after being rejected as the Director of the CIA in early 2009. After his appointment, Brennan came to effectively rule the intelligence community from his office in the White House.

The 2009 underwear bomber case provided clear evidence of Brennan’s absolute power over the wider intelligence community, as well as how he politicized it. A Nigerian terrorist, already in Brennan’s databases, boarded a plane bound for Chicago. His underwear was full of bomb material. In U.S. airspace, the terrorist attempted to light the bomb. The plot was only foiled because the Nigerian had worn the shorts for two weeks.

“Even though Brennan had sold the “connect-the-dots” analytical software to the center after he left government employment in 2005, Obama appointed Brennan-the-czar to lead the investigation into the reasons that NCTC failed to connect the dots in the underwear case. In short, after Brennan conducted an investigation into Brennan’s Agency’s use of Brennan’s company’s counter-terrorism software, Brennan announced that he would take care of the issues. Pretty sweet work, if you can get it! “Clizbe said.

“As Obama and Brennan’s vision for iron-fisted rule of the intelligence community was further developed, the czar cooperated with a political witch-hunt, led by the attorney general, to punish CIA officers for their roles in harsh interrogation carried out during the Bush administration. Even though Brennan was the Deputy Director of the CIA during the Bush administration’s use of harsh interrogation, he sat next to Obama as the administration pushed for prosecutions of CIA officers.”

Later, when Congress conducted an investigation into the internal machinations at the CIA, the CIA dipped into the congressional investigators’ computers.

Clizbe said that Brennan, quietly, and behind the scenes, appeared to be the evil genius behind Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented meddling, including the destruction of America’s stable partner in counter-terrorism in North Africa, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

“Comey’s brazen and public refusal to do his Constitutional duty and Brennan’s quiet politicization of the intelligence community are unprecedented in modern history.

The result has been an eight-year purge of the intelligence community — with any political dissenters either banished or silenced, “said Clizbe.

“A reign of quiet terror now blankets the IC. Dissent means losing jobs, retirements, and perks. Go-along-to-get-along is now standard operating practice.”

Reprinted by Permission from Kent Clizbe: H/T Newsmax Insider

Kent Clizbe is a former CIA ops officer, Air Force veteran, and expert in counter-terrorism and Islamic extremism, credibility assessment, and fraud detection. He is an historian of anti-American espionage operations and author of “Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Ops Created Political Correctness.” His website is KentClizbe.com.

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Fmr. Sgt, USAF Intelligence, NSA/DOD; Studied Cryptology at Community College of the Air Force

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