FBI CLIMBS DOWN From CAIR’s (9/18)’Hate Crimes’​ Confab: How Did This Happen??


BACKING down at this end is never and never an option – recognizing full well what doing so means. Most intrinsically, this is the case when national security issues – involving the security and welfare of America and Israel – are at stake.

IN light of this determined and take no prisoners mindset, last week’s heavy-lifting at this end paid huge dividends. Now, none of this makes sense, that is, unless a backgrounder is laid out.

IN the midst of last week’s ‘closed-door’ Intel conference in Tel Aviv, as luck would have it, I received an urgent shout-out from a close counterterrorism contact in the surrounding D.C. area. Long story short, he needed my ‘special’ type of assists in holding the FBI’s feet to the fire, so to speak. Having been briefed about the dangers at bay, I worked through the night to compile my report – even though I was due to present this and that at the aforementioned conference in the morning. All went well.

MOVING right along, many are already familiar with the following 9/12/19 alert, but it bears repeating to flesh the situation out.

FBI Teams Up With CAIR For ‘Hate Crimes’ Event (9/18/19), St. Cloud, MN – Breaking Their Own DOJ Policy! How Can This Be? 

FOR further edification, peer within.

RESULTANT, in short order, I received several back and forth messages, one of which laid it on the line.

—–Original Message—–


To: XXXXXX @fbi.gov>

Sent: Fri, Sep 13, 2019 9:55 pm

Subject: Sworn Affidavits and Media Reports


Thanks for speaking with me today. Per our discussion I addressed the

concerns many Americans have with the FBI being involved in any manner

with CAIR. DOJ has said as recent as last week that CAIR is a front

group for Hamas. When the FBI sits with CAIR they lend credibility to

them. We both know the KKK is evil and not good for America. CAIR is

worse. They have been linked to Hamas with an abundance of evidence

and Hamas is a U.S. designated terrorist organization.

There are a couple of articles I am sending you. The first two are by

an Israeli journalist, and the last is by a well known American

journalist Robert Spencer. Please review. As I mentioned I was

recently in MN and my sworn affidavit is attached. Please share with

fellow FBI members and please reconsider having our FBI being involved

with CAIR. As you will see in my affidavit CAIR is involved in and

supports more Hate Crimes than any person or organization in America.

My book ‘Muslim Mafia’ published in 2009 lays out firsthand evidence

with documents presented in federal court detailing the extent of

CAIR’s involvement with Islamic based terrorist groups. Respectfully,( https://adinakutnicki.com/2019/09/12/fbi-teams-up-with-cair-for-hate-crimes-event-9-18-19-st-cloud-mn-breaking-their-own-doj-policy-how-can-this-be-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/…. https://conservativefiringline.com/fbi-teams-up-with-cair-for-hate-crimes-event-9-18-19-st-cloud-mn-breaking-their-own-doj-policy-how-can-this-be/ )

FAST forward to yesterday (9/18), and another flurry of back and forth ensued between this one and that one. Suffice to state: the FBI’s CLIMB DOWN was not for nothing!! Not only that, the leftist/Islamist captured media ‘reported’ true to form, naturally, blaming the canceling of the event on ‘safety concerns’ – not due to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda arm, that is, CAIR/HAMAS, and its ability to fully penetrate the body politic, but out of fear of conservative patriotic protesters!

REGARDLESS of all else, the (promised) CLIMB DOWN:

St. Cloud hate crime forum postponed ‘due to safety concerns’

Organizers pledge to reschedule the event, but a new date has not been set.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights abruptly canceled a community forum on hate crimes scheduled for Wednesday night in St. Cloud “due to safety concerns.”

Authorities said no threats were made, but police voiced concerns to organizers about the number of people expected to attend — including several groups of protesters and counter protesters.

State Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero said in an interview that she trusted law enforcement’s assessment of the situation, but expressed disappointment in the outcome. She noted that there’s been attempts to silence the discussion around hate crimes, “which is really unfortunate because people in St. Cloud want to have that conversation.”

“Hate is not a value in St. Cloud or in any part of our state. Our community deserves better,” she said in a statement, about an hour before the event’s planned 6 p.m. start time. “The goal of the forum was to discuss the community we want to create. One that is full of dignity and joy.”

The state agency had co-sponsored the event, held at St. Cloud Public Library, with the St. Cloud Human Rights Commission. Police Chief Blair Anderson and an FBI representative were set to attend the panel discussion alongside individuals who have personally experienced discrimination and hate crimes, such as Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Jaylani Hussein and Policy and Community Organizer for OutFront Minnesota Justin Lewandowski.

Freedom Speaks Coalition, a self-described Constitutional Conservative organization, held a rally outside the library Wednesday evening protesting CAIR’s involvement. The coalition opposes abortion, gender identity training and the “infiltration of Radical Islam in all phases of education and the American government,” according to its website.

AS we say in Israel, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, CAIR’s platform with the FBI, ‘partnership’, was shut down (for the time being), and that’s a win for all patriots, wherever they may be. Oh, those of us who operate in this arena have ZERO intention of taking our eyes (and ears) off of CAIR – and the rest of the MB’s hydra related front groups.

TAKE this (promise) to the bank!

Image result for pics of FBI and cair

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