Fauci’s Christmas Gift For Americans: Death Wrapped In Controlling Fear

Anthony Fauci pulled back the curtain on his Christmas gift for Americans…  And surprise, it’s death! Wrapped in controlling fear!

Yes, the lying machine has a Christmas gift for Americans. Wrapped nicely in his lies, so what’s inside can not be seen.

And the Marxist media isn’t interested what’s inside.  Fauci has been asked only a few times by the Marxist state media the obvious question:

Question: You are forcing mandates on Americans to take the mRNA genetic modification Covid-19 Vaccine, but at the same time leaving the gates open to hundreds of thousands of people through the southern border who are not vaccinated and who carry the disease.

Fauci lies in his answer of course, saying that “according to the data” the immigrants are not driving the pandemic in the US. Not at all. This is the lie wrapping the gift.

As the bible says, Satan is the father of lies.

And that Satan comes to kill, destroy, and steal.

And indeed, Fauci’s southern border Christmas gift for Americans is… death. And the name of death is Covid-19, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, Measles, and many more, now including the fear-inducing (but mild) Omicron.

Hidden under the skirts of the Satanic Fauci, the Omicron is undoubtedly flooding across the southern border, because it’s actual origin is not South Africa, but Mexico City!

This study by 20 leading medical, virological, immunological, university professors in Mexico, tells the story. Omicron is a virus that was widely spread in many Mexican cities. At one time a year ago it constituted 70% of the pandemic infections in Mexico City.

And Dr. Death, Dr. Scare You, Anthony Fauci, has his smile of lies, opened the door to death and disease with Covid-19, with the endemic diseases from south of the border, and now a virus to harden control over American freedom. The mild but scary Omicron..

Prison via the law is an appropriate end for Fauci, and all those in the Sock Puppet President’s administration who promote the migration of disease into America. Along with the the dark forces Marxist billionaires behind them, they promote what is in fact a biological weapon. The super highway of disease on the southern border. This biological weapon against the American people… it’s reportedly not Fauci’s first.

Are we going to simply accept this gift silently? Or by following the law, act peacefully but forcefully, and don’t stop until Satan Fauci is in prison where he can retire gracefully. Far from the maddening crowd but in a place filled with the diseases he invited into the country.

Oh yes, Anthony Satan and his colleagues in the Sock Puppet President’s administration of tyranny, has unleashed death upon Americans of all races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Creating a super-highway of disease into America is a war crime in gift wrap.

He’s not alone, the Marxist Media promotes the lies of Satan. And Satan keeps telling them, with his lying face having his dishonesty written all over it. But covered with make-up, fake concern. He’s a sort of Halloween in reverse: a monster, dressed up as a saint.

Satan does not come breathing fire, with a pitchforks, with a tail and horns. No he comes dressed as an Angel of Light, so as to deceive all mankind

So isn’t it time to throw Satan into the lake of fire? According to the law and non-violently, but getting him into that lake of fire in any case.

Wake up the Republican Party by letting them know what is happening. Very few seem to realize the nature of this enemy. Some do, such as Rand Paul and a few others. But now everyone has to be on board. We can only hope it is not too late to save us from the biological weapon of disease-carrying illegal aliens that Fauci smiles upon. Whatever happens, we must according to the law, and peacefully, ready the lake of Fire for it’s coming resident, “America’s foremost expert on infectious diseases”. Let’s do our best to open a super-highway for him, into the lake of fire through political judicial, social and economic means.

Dr. Joel S Homes is an engineer working in hydropower and other forms of alternative energy. He gave up on solar and wind, long ago.

Solar panels don’t work at night. And wind turbines don’t turn at optimal or even strong speed even 40% of the time. They are horribly inefficient.

He and his colleagues have made the case that it’s going to be much much colder, not warmer, because the sun is entering a cool phase of the sun, called a solar minimum.

The coming mini-Ice Age… why it is happening, and what it will be like are in this award winning book on Amazon. Thrilling reading that breaks the Green New Deal lies:

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