Fast Food Brain Surgeons Want Huge Pay Increase

A protester holds up a sign at a demonstration outside McDonald's in Times Square in New York

In seven cities across America, fast food workers, sponsored by the SEIU, will be picketing and demanding their pay be increased to $15.25 an hour.  Don’t they know they live in the United States of America?  You don’t like your pay, take your massive amount of burger flipping experience to Google or Microsoft.  They pay the kind of money you want.

Fast food joints have always been a great place for a young person to get work experience before their education takes them to bigger and better things.  As more and more adults begin taking these jobs, is it an excuse to double wages?  Would anyone pay $20 dollars for 2 Big Macs, when they can got Applebys or Tuesdays and get an even better meal for less?  Or do we raise the pay there to 36 dollars an hour?  And once we do that, shouldn’t the guy who sweeps the school floors get his pay tripled, so he can afford to eat Big macs?

If you don’t like the pay, quit.  There are tens of thousands of young people who would kill for a job and would jump at the chance to take your job.  It’s not McDonalds fault that you did not prepare yourself for a good paying job.  Burger King didn’t force you to drop out of school, and Kentucky Fried Chicken did not hold a gun to your head and force you to take their job offering.

What makes people feel that every job must pay enough for us to live in the manner to which we’d like to become accustomed?  The same mentality that sees people calling 911 to complain about cold pizza or a burger that’s missing lettuce, or any number of stupid 911 calls we have heard about over the last four years.  They have become convinced by the liberals that the government is the answer to everything and that government should force employers to pay unrealistic wages.

The SEIU is sponsoring the strike in hopes of becoming the bargaining unit for the fast food workers.  They will try to convince the workers that they can get them the moon and the sun and the stars above.  They know they can’t deliver that.  Just ask the hotel workers currently in the SEIU.  The workers would see a small pay raise and a few benefits, but would then have to purchase their union book and pay their monthly dues and when it is all said and done, those employees will not be able to afford to eat where they work.

So walk out on your job.  But please, don’t come back.

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