#FakeNews Alert: Desperate WaPo and BuzzFeed Claim Trump Bows to Saudi King

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No, Trump did not do what Obama did.

The hatred of President Trump by the #FakeMedia has just shifted from despicable to desperate.

But first it must be noted that anyone who happens to innocently waving can and do have that moment captured forever in a photograph.

Just because whatever person is seen with their arm in front of them in what looks like a Nazi salute doesn’t mean they’re actually giving the infamous Sieg Heil.

Yet BuzzFeed and The Washington Post have in essence done the same in regards the visiting American president receiving the highest civilian honor the Saudi government can bestow.

The politics-centered TheHill.com notes that Saudi Arabia’s “King Salman placed the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar around President Trump’s neck on Saturday during a ceremony in the country’s capital. The gold medallion is considered the kingdom’s highest civilian honor.”

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As seen in the video below, President Trump stands at least six inches taller than King Salman, therefore, Trump had no choice but lower his head to have the collard medal placed around his neck.

But that doesn’t stop the #FakeNews machine from grinding out more garbage.



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