Fake news CNN compares deportation of illegals to Nazis rounding up Jews

There’s a reason many people see CNN as the “least-trusted” name in network news.  On Thursday, Newsbusters reported that the cable outlet actually compared immigration officials deporting illegal aliens to Nazis rounding up Jews.

On Wednesday, CNN issued a tweet touting a report of a Jewish woman taking in illegal immigrants, “driven by thoughts of the Holocaust.”

“A Jewish woman heard an undocumented immigrant and her two daughters were on the run from ICE. Driven by thoughts of the Holocaust, she risked her own comfort to offer them shelter,” CNN said.

Kristine Marsh added:

The linked to article was an empathetic sob story on their website as well as a segment on Erin Burnett OutFront March 14, about a couple who immigrated here illegally from Mexico and raised two daughters here, both who were born in the United States, now hiding from immigration authorities after the father was deported in 2016.

CNN immediately put President Trump to blame for their family’s struggle to keep their immigration status a secret.

[U]ntil Donald Trump was elected President, the girls say, they felt like any middle-class family,” the article’s authors, Kyung Lah and Alberto Moya wrote.

But “a couple of months into the Trump administration,” their worst fears were realized, as one day after school the girls’ father didn’t pick them up. He had been detained and deported, “for entering the country illegally multiple times, decades ago,” Lah and Moya wrote.

“ICE destroyed my home,” the mother said.

According to the report:

They were taken in by a Jewish woman who felt it was her moral requirement to snub federal immigration authorities, whom she likened to Nazis in the Holocaust, again smearing President Trump as the enforcer of these supposedly unfair policies:

The network began after the election of President Trump and the fears — and then reality — that undocumented immigrants would face stricter enforcement action. For the woman, the link from the present to the history of World War II is strong.

“I grew up in the time where the Holocaust was not so far behind me,” says the woman. “There was always that awareness, as a Jew, that it’s possible to be kicked out of a country where people thought they were home. And many of those people didn’t make it.”

She says there is a strong feeling in the Jewish community. “We cannot let this happen. It’s our responsibility. What was done to us cannot happen to other people.”

Not everyone was thrilled with the comparison:


Therein lies the problem.  There’s a huge difference between ICE officials carrying out established federal law on immigration and Nazi SS types shipping Jews to death camps.  Sadly, this fact never made it into CNN’s report.  Of course, that fact doesn’t fit the anti-Trump, pro-illegal alien argument.

One person noted:


That’s one way of putting it.


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