More fake news: CBS claims it’s easier to buy an AR-15 than cold medicine in Florida

On Monday, CBS News claimed in a report that it’s easier to buy an AR-15 than cold medicine in Florida.

According to CBS:

In Florida, it’s easy to purchase any type of gun. According to the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, no license is required to purchase and own a shotgun, a rifle or a handgun. The state does not require owners to register firearms. If you’re 18 or older, you can buy as many guns as you want at one time in Florida, according to the NRA.

To get an AR-15, gun store owner Moto Adika told CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz: “If you are a law-abiding citizen, then we can sell you that gun. The whole process can take no more than 15 minutes.”

For a lot of gun purchases in Florida, it’s an over-the-counter process with few barriers, which contrasts sharply with some other basics, which are increasingly regulated.

But CBS forgot to mention that Florida has a three-day waiting period for some firearm purchases, as Findlaw notes.

According to Findlaw, minors, meaning those under 21, are not allowed to purchase some firearms and there is a three-day waiting period for some purchases, excluding weekends and holidays.

The site also says:

Floridians should be aware that federal law also regulates gun ownership, including what kinds of firearms may be owned legally. The National Firearms Act and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act both apply to gun ownership in Florida in addition to state gun control laws.

A post at Blackside Tactical further explains:

Purchasing a long gun in Florida is a bit different. A person must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any long gun: rifle, shotgun, etc. A background check is conducted before purchasing, however there is no mandatory waiting period put in place by the state for long gun purchases.

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Counties and cities have the ability to lengthen the waiting period for a firearm, making a handgun purchase waiting period more than 3 days or creating a waiting period for long guns. In the state of Florida, specialized permits are not required to purchase firearms, both handguns and long guns.

A background check is conducted for the purchase of a firearm, but there is no limit to the number of firearms that can be purchased per background check. Once a sale is completed, another background check must be completed before purchase.

The bottom line is that it’s not quite as simple as CBS claims.

Nevertheless, they reported:

Twitchy observed:

Check it out for yourself: we watched the video twice and never saw a single mention of background checks being required to buy cold medicine; instead, CBS News asserts that you can buy more than one gun at a time, but customers are limited as to how much Sudafed they can purchase at the pharmacy.

So … that’s what makes it “easier” to obtain an assault rifle? Seriously?

Oh, and the FDA is lobbying for warning labels on over-the-counter diarrhea medications — what that has to do with purchasing a gun we have no idea, but thanks, CBS News, for your unbiased and factual reporting.

Twitter users took CBS to task for this claim:


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