Fake Black Man, Shaun King’s History of Possible Fake Charities

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chun king

Shaun King has been a prolific founder of charities that have financial irregularities.  He founded a fund for Tamir Rice, the 12 year old child that was killed in Cleveland, Ohio.

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No one knows what the final money count was but Re-Newsit, an online news site contacted the Rice family lawyer and they were told that King was not authorized to raise money in the name of Tamir Rice and that King has never given them any money.  

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Another charity that King founded is reported to have raised $540,000,  However, Janeil Owen, who was to receive the funds reported that they only got $200,000 from Shaun Kings charity, ahomeinhaiti.  

Janeil Owen @JaneilOwen

1. @sovelaviorg @durandis @shaunking Saw all the tweets today and wanted to be clear… @NWHCM received exactly 200k from ahomeinhaiti.

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