Facebook to user: Profane threat of violence, death does not violate community standards

facebook-sucksOn Saturday, Facebook user Jeanette Tye Runyon said she was told by Facebook that a profane, explicit threat of violence and death does not violate the site’s community standards.

According to Runyon, who provided screenshots of the threats, the individual in question messaged her “out of the blue,” but, she added, she thinks he targeted her because she revealed an earlier post the user made.

Here’s the messages she was sent, and the reader should be warned — this is quite explicit:


Facebook responded:


As it turns out, this individual also posted another vile message on another page:


Let’s put this in perspective.  Individuals like this can post vile, profane threats that clearly violate Facebook’s standards and the site will do nothing.

Those who oppose Islamic terrorism, on the other hand, can be banned for any reason or no reason at all.  They can even be banned for things they never even posted

The company’s executives and spokespeople like to claim the site promotes free speech, but it seems that some have more freedom than others…

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Update: Dec. 18, 2017 — A Facebook user identifying himself as Kamran Maharramov reached out to the Conservative Firing Line to say that the posts were made by an individual posing as him.  The person who reached out to us said he got in an onlight fight with another user who ended up using his picture, hacking his identity and posting things in his name.  Maharramov further said the person who made these posts is a “pretty nasty guy” who apparently inhabits 4chan and enjoys trolling other users.

“…I’m a sweet guy, I’d never write those kind of things,” he said.


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