Facebook post claims LaVoy Finicum shot nine times, pistol planted by FBI

Finicum2There have been a number of legitimate questions raised over the shooting of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon since last week’s tragic encounter on the road to John Day, Oregon.

The latest claim reportedly comes from a Facebook user going by the name of “Barbara Davis,” who allegedly claimed Finicum was shot nine times.  Additionally, she said, he was shot in the face and authorities planted a stolen 9 mm pistol on his body.

She said the funeral would be closed-casket due to his injuries and the pistol’s serial number matches one stolen two years ago.

Here’s the post in question, and the photo itself raises questions:


Freedom Outpost’s Tim Brown expressed a fair amount of skepticism over this photo, and rightly so:

Only two sources are claiming the information about the shooting. The first comes from a Facebook post, which was not captured in a normal fashion. Instead of being shared or embedded or even screen captured, a camera picture of this post appeared.

Frankly, because there is no link, it is highly suspect.

We agree, and spent some time searching Facebook for this post.  We first searched for a “Barbara Davis” with the profile picture shown above and was unable to find one.  That in itself means nothing, since profile pictures are easy to change and some people change them quite frequently.

Brown also said he was unable to verify the email she mentioned, but the issue is under investigation.

“After all,” he added, “we want to make sure that a claim is valid and can document that. As we are able to do that, we will update this article.”

As will we.

Brown also observed that red dots from multiple sources were trained on Finicum’s head and body even as he lay in the snow, meaning it’s possible he could have been shot more than three times.

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Moreover, he wrote, Blaine Cooper said Finicum left his weapons at the refuge before heading out to John Day.

Two witnesses who were in Finicum’s vehicle also said he was unarmed at the time he was shot.

There’s much more to this story, and as we get more information, we’ll pass it on.  In the meantime, we would love to hear from Barbara Davis so we can verify this post.


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