Facebook ‘permanently’ banned black conservative after announcement of possible run for office — Video

While appearing on Wednesday’s edition of St. Louis’ Allman Report, Peggy Hubbard, a local black conservative activist, said she was informed by Facebook, the site once dubbed the “world’s most dangerous censor,” that she was no longer “suitable” for them and was “permanently” banned.

Making matters worse, she told host Jamie Allman the ban occurred after she announced a possible run for the Illinois state legislature.

According to the Allman Report:

Hubbard, a black activist in the St. Louis area with conservative values has gained a lot of popularity through Facebook the past few years after posting videos and statements fully expressing her political beliefs. These posts include facts she says she has shared about black history in the United States and the current problem of sex slavery in African countries like Nigeria.

For these posts, Hubbard says Facebook has recently informed her in a vague message that she is no longer “suitable” for the site and is now permanently banned. Hubbard says that her problems did not start with her posts years or even months ago, they started shortly after she announced a possible run for the Illinois State legislature. She talked to The Allman Report about her experience on social media.

Hubbard also points out that Facebook has not only failed to suspend or ban accounts with posts portraying illegal activity that includes guns, other weapons, and drugs, but it has maintained that it does not consider posts like these to be a problem. However, she says, a black woman with conservative views who served in the military and police has been determined “unsuitable” for Facebook.

Hubbard later announced that her ban had been lifted:


She also issued a somewhat tongue-in-cheek tweet saying that she’s “hiding” from the social media site:


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Recent suspensions and bans of conservatives like Hubbard and GOP Senate candidate Austin Petersen raise serious questions, the Allman Report said.  “Are Facebook and Twitter (whose employees were recently exposed on hidden camera admitting to shutting down posts and ‘shadow banning’ posts from conservative people they disagreed with) setting the groundwork to manipulate political thought going into the next two national elections?”

Here’s a preview of her interview, courtesy of ABC St. Louis:

The full video can be seen here.

Exit question: How much more of this must we endure before Republicans in Congress finally take action?


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)