Facebook continues campaign of harassment against ‘Warriors for Christ’; Legal action threatened

On Thursday, Rich Penkoski, pastor of “Warriors for Christ,” said he is considering legal action after Facebook, the social media giant once dubbed the “world’s most dangerous censor,” unpublished his page for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  This will make the second time Facebook tore this page down while giving no reason for the action.

In all, this makes four times Facebook has yanked “Warriors for Christ.”  The original page, which had over 225,000 followers, was first unpublished in December.  That page was brought back up for a short period of time but was later deleted.  No reason was given.

A backup page was set up but was unpublished.  It was later republished after a report by CBN.  A “public figure” page set up by Penkoski also appears to have been pulled.

Facebook has taken additional action against the ministry, interrupting live video feeds and banning at least one administrator over a post forged to appear as though she created it.  As we reported here, this isn’t the first time Facebook has done this, and was part of the inspiration behind “Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad.”

Penkoski has also told me separately that the company has refused to honor or enforce his ministry’s registered trademark.

Here’s the video Penkoski posted to YouTube.  Shortly after he began speaking, Facebook yanked the page.  That happens at about the 17:59 mark:

Penkoski said Facebook did not even give him an opportunity to appeal the action.

“They are absolutely, at this point, harassing us,” Penkoski said, adding that the company is actively trying to keep him from discussing a lawsuit being filed in West Virginia that targets the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision.

“As horrible as it is,” he said, the social media site’s action actually helps his legal case.

“This is a civil rights violation of free religious speech,” he added, further accusing the site of harassment and infringement.

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“We’re not going to take this lying down,” Penkoski said.

The action took place on the heels of a video posted by Project Veritas in which engineers admitted “shadow-banning” and censoring those who post conservative and pro-Trump views.

That video prompted David Rosler, maker of the faith-based “Orbiter,” to suggest that employees may have violated federal law.

As a result of Facebook’s ongoing actions, Penkoski started SocialCross to give Christians an alternative social media site.

On Thursday, yours truly discussed the issue with Rabbi Eric Walker.  You can see that discussion in the video below, starting at the 3:00:00 mark:


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)