‘Facebook Blackout’ event, administrator mysteriously disappears from Facebook, reappears

fbcensorship“Facebook Blackout,” an event protesting Facebook’s “arbitrary and capricious” policy enforcement, suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, along with the timeline of one of its administrators.

As of early Friday, the event was closing in on 20,000 attendees who said they would temporarily suspend their accounts for 24 hours on August 25.

I am waiting for information from Facebook, but I’ve been told that “troll” activity has spiked considerably over the last three days.

Much more to come on this.

Stand by…

Update:  It’s looking more and more like this was the work of hackers.

Update 2: The event is back online, seems it was accidentally deactivated when the main admin deactivated his account early…

Nevertheless, I have received reports that online trolls are going spastic.  More on that…


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