Eyebrows raised: David Hogg calls ‘swatting’ incident at Florida home ‘a silly prank’

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On Tuesday, ABC News reported that the Parkland, Florida, home of anti-gun activist David Hogg was the target of a swatting incident that took place when someone called authorities at 8:39 a.m. local time, claiming there was a barricaded person at his home.

The sheriff’s office said SWAT officers responded, but found no one at the home.

Hogg, however, was out of town and called the incident “a silly prank.”

“It’s not going to take our focus off what we’re super excited about; the March for Our Lives bus tour to get young people to vote and promote gun law reform,” he said, according to the report.

Hogg and his fellow activists are preparing to launch a 20-state bus tour intended to promote gun control.

According to CBS, Hogg is receiving an award for his activism and called the incident a “distraction” from his upcoming bus tour:

Additionally, there was nothing on his Twitter feed about the incident as of this writing.

Supporters praised his response:

His dismissive attitude toward the incident, however, raised quite a few eyebrows.  After all, swatting can be very dangerous and can get someone killed.


We tend to agree.

Exactly.  If someone had been home at the time, he or she could have been seriously hurt or even killed.

One person noted:

We agree.

Other Twitter users wondered if Hogg made the call himself.



With these kind of tweets, it probably won’t be long before we see blog posts claims that Hogg or one of his followers did it to bring more attention to his bus tour and stir up sympathy.

Regular readers of this site know that we remain highly critical of Hogg and many of the statements he and his fellow anti-gun activists have made, however, it is our sincere hope that the perpetrator of this potentially deadly hoax is found and brought to justice.


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