The extremists who are calling your ideas extreme

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
It has become too trite to simply call the other side’s ideas or proposals “extreme” as a tactic of getting out of the exercise of debating the merit of those ideas or even debating at all. If you can simply call the other side extreme without proving the point, you simply declare declare you’ve won the debate and hope your low information voters and supporters buy it. This is precisely what the liberal Democrats currently have been playing as seemingly the only play in their political play book. And they do it for another profoundly important reason: The more they can mischaracterize mainstream ideas on the right as extreme, the more they believe they can sell their truly extreme ideas as mainstream.

The Obama Administration, which refuses to slow down its extreme policy of spending the country into bankruptcy, is playing politics with the issue of raising the debt ceiling. It seeks to raise the debt ceiling so it can add hundreds of billions of new spending to the national debt, once again charging up that credit card with the Bank of China. If your family was adding $2000-3000 to your credit card balances by over-spending each month, you’d be carrying a lot of debt. And if your spouse suggested, “let’s balance our family budget next month and quit our deficit spending,” that would be a very wise and prudent decision. No one in their right mind would call that advise, “extremist.”

Except for the Extremist himself, Barack Obama. Some Republicans, the few that have any cojones, are suggesting exacting that, as applied to national policy. They say let’s stop deficit spending, and force this to happen by not voting to raise the debt ceiling. This is not a crazy or “extremist” idea but an entirely sensible and mainstream idea, that comes completely out of common sense. If we don’t raise the debt ceiling, then we can’t spend money we don’t have, and it means we have to actually for once, now this a foreign concept in Washington D.C., cut spending in real terms. Not a reduction in the rate of growth of spending under baseline budgeting (which needs to go too), but an actual reduction in real spending from one year to the next.

Yes there are a few Republicans, with common-sense ideas, the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who say it’s time we cut spending and stop spending what we don’t have. To this, the big spending, liberal, Washington D.C. politicians like Barack Obama and his supporters in Congress, can’t debate the merits of this obviously common-sense approach, but can only blast it as “extremist” policy.

The truly extreme is the nearly $17 trillion in national debt we carry and most of that having been piled up by “progressive” liberal politicians and their extremist spending that has nearly bankrupted this country. THAT is the extreme. The idea that we should just make some baby steps to slow down our excessive spending, is not extreme, but very mainstream.

Any attempt to cut spending is always answered with the typical hysterical liberal reaction that those are “draconian” cuts to, then they list all the big government programs they accuse Republicans of cutting. But the reality is, if we don’t stop this out of control spending that will bankrupt the country, the results will truly be far more draconian.

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