Expropriation- Farmland to be Seized Without Compensation in South Africa

In the US Constitution, there is a clause that prevents the government from taking your property without just compensation (Article 5). In recent years that has been called into question in various court cases. But still, in America, the government must pay you for taking your real property — at least they are supposed to. That is not the case in South Africa, where a new law was passed that demands land owners give up their land for seizure by the government. It is called the Expropriation Bill. The new bill awaits approval from the National Council of Provinces, and the signature of President Cyril Ramaphosa. (The Epoch Times)

“Expropriation without compensation”

The vast majority of farmland in South Africa is owned by White farmers. In recent years, mobs of Africans have murdered hundreds of White farmers, including their families. The government  has called for “redistribution” of the land in revenge for the taking of land when the Dutch arrived in Captetown in 1652. It’s the practice of unscrambling eggs… and it sounds very much like the narrative of Black Lives Matter here in the states. The South African call for ‘reparations’ includes demands for seizure of land. And it has been a bloody call for several years.

“Gabriel Stols, 35, told the Independent how his younger brother Kyle, 21, was shot dead by four people on a game reserve near Bloemfontein.

“What is happening to us is torture, it is slaughter, it is brutal, it is revenge. The world doesn’t know what is happening in South Africa,” he said.

Hannetjie Ludik, 56, from Pretoria, told the paper that three armed men broke into her family’s house, stole money and raped her.

South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa said the government did not condone attacks or the the seizure of white-owned farms and insisted there would be no repeat of what happened in Zimbabwe a generation ago.

But AfriForum says that the parliament’s bill has led to a culture of revenge among those spoiling for a redistribution of land in a country where some 80% of people describe themselves as black African, but only 1.2% of that community own the country’s rural land.” Newsweek 2018

Since that day, the legislature in South Africa passed the Expropriation Bill (again), after pulling it from consideration several times. It now awaits confirmation and signature. In 2018, farmers signed a petition to Trump to ask for visas to the United States in the face of the murders – Australia also asked that immigration for the White farmers be opened there as well. It is unknown how many were able to exit the country. This author only knows specifically of one farmer who was able to leave to the US, as I spoke to him several times.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The issue of food production is at the forefront of this problem. White farmers have produced most of the food for South Africa. Forcing them out could prove totally disastrous. The legislature is dominated by the ANC- African National Congress, which is an extreme left-wing organization, as is the EFF- Economic Freedom Fighters. Many of South Africa’s leaders were trained in the old Soviet Union during the Apartheid years.

“…the state is not only allowed, but perhaps even ordained to overthrow and overtake ownership, with a stewardship vision, in line with the Constitution.” Sue-Mari Viljoen, Associate Professor in the Department of Private Law, University of the Western Cape

Some believe that active farmers may not be targeted, while others believe they will – simply because of the need for food. When a great deal of those who believe that “land reform” is a pathway to fixing a historical wrong, there will always be contention. If the land sits for some time without cultivation, it will likely be deemed irresponsible and the government can take it. There are legal ramifications for this bill, and it will likely be tied up in the South African courts for some time. SA does have a constitution, so it remains to be seen how this will play out.



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