ExposeAbortion.com re-launched in response to Supreme Court decision

ExposeAbortion.com re-launched in response to Supreme Court decision
ExposeAbortion.com re-launched in response to Supreme Court decision

The National Director of Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone, announced today that they are re-launching and intensifying ExposeAbortion.com due to the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Monday that struck down a Texas law regulating abortion clinics by a 5-3 decision.

Pavone stated that the Supreme Court was supremely wrong in striking down a commonsense law in Texas aimed at protecting the health and safety of women.

Regulations like a requirement that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, and that the abortion facilities meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers were considered unconstitutional because of being too burdensome.

“Here we’re talking about things like having an emergency generator in case the power goes out during surgery, or having an adequate number of soap dispensers in the facility!“ said Pavone.

“But you can’t practice vice virtuously. If you’re an abortionist, and you tear the arms and legs off of babies, your conscience doesn’t allow you to be concerned about soap dispensers either.”

Janet Morana, Executive Director, was at the Court this morning when the decision came down and said, “It’s a sad day in America when the voice of women who have experienced physical damage from abortion have been silenced. Priests for Life, on behalf of the women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, submitted an amicus brief in Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt describing the physical damage done to them in these free-standing abortion facilities. Today’s decision was not about access, as the media is reporting.  It was about improving the standards in abortion businesses, like having hallways and corridors wide enough so a gurney can fit through, ensuring that instruments are sterilized and other items that are part of surgical facility care.”

“In addition, the law required doctors who performed abortions in an abortion facility to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  This is a common-sense requirement so that a doctor could follow his patient in the event of a complication.  But abortionists occupy the lowest rung of the medical profession and many have lost their licenses in other states, and therefore most hospitals would not give them admitting privileges, “said Morana.

“This law was all about providing better care for women inside abortion facilities and yet the Supreme Court justices, the abortion advocates and abortion-friendly mainstream media focused only on access to abortion.   These abortion clinics would not have to close if they would raise their standards of care, “Morana stated. “The legislators of Texas were reacting to Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors in Philadelphia when they drafted this law and were trying to prevent these kinds of butchers from practicing in Texas.”

In light of today’s Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, Priests for Life is re-launching and intensifying ExposeAbortion.com, by which the abortion industry will be exposed to the light of day and the conscience of the American public.

“Obviously, the Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt demonstrates that not enough people know and care about the fact that the abortion industry is an unscrupulous, unregulated industry that cares no more for women than for the children it kills and throws away, “Pavone stated.

“Consistent with our approach to abortion over the last 25 years, we will increase our efforts to expose it. ExposeAbortion.com will be the central focus for efforts, both online and in the streets, in legislators and in courts, in churches and in classrooms, to expose abortion on several levels which include

  1. The procedure itself, via descriptions, photos, diagrams and videos (Unborn.info);
  2. The impact on women, men, and families via the testimonies of our Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SilentNoMore.com); and
  3. The corruption of the abortion industry, via testimonies of former and current abortionists and undercover investigations.

“We will call upon all people of good will to join us in this effort, which is not based on religious arguments, but simply on the facts of what abortion is and what it does, “said Pavone.

“This action of the Court today highlights the importance of the Supreme Court and elections of 2016 by which the next President and Senators will shape the Supreme Court for the next several decades.  Therefore we urge people to get involved and vote pro-life.”

The U.S Supreme Court decision was passed by the majority liberal leaning justices while conservative leaning Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas dissented.

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