Expert on liberal organizing warns: Violent Antifa could morph into death squads

antifa death squadThe so-called “anti-fascist,” or “Antifa” movement could become militias or even death squads, warned Matthew Vadum, an expert on left-wing organizing, senior vice president at the Capital Research Center and author of “Subversion, Inc.,” WND reported Thursday.

“Most of them are communists or radical anarchists, which in American politics is virtually the same thing,” he told WND. “They are nihilistic thugs who want to destroy everything that is good in America. They’re a leftist counterpart to skinheads and neo-Nazis. They call themselves anti-fascists but they use fascistic tactics against their targets. Just as Hitler’s Sturmabteilung, or SA, beat up and terrorized political opponents, ‘antifa’ assaulted Trump supporters and Republicans when they shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’ recent speech at UC Berkeley. These people are crazed fanatics and they will never stop.”

WND said:

He jokingly cited UrbanDictonary’s definition of “antifa,” which mocks the group’s pretense to be “rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views” and its “opposition to racism by whites” but unwillingness to stand up against anti-white racism.

Vadum warned that fringe groups such as “antifa” define “fascism” and “racism” so broadly as to include just about “everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders as fascists,” making conflict with conservatives practically inevitable.

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“As things escalate in the future, the street gangs now springing up could very well morph into militias or perhaps even death squads,” Vadun warned. “Who knows how far things could go?”

The group has already shown that it is more than willing to adopt violent tactics, as we reported here and here.  They’ve made it clear that even children could be targets of their violence.

Vadun called them “domestic terrorists” and called on the Justice Department to crack down on the organization.

“These ‘antifa’ cannot be reasoned with,” he added. “These people should be prosecuted under racketeering statutes. They are a cancer. They need to be wiped off the map. Until they are, conservatives and other patriotic Americans who may be targeted need to be prepared to defend themselves physically because the left, in its determination to drive President Trump from office, is going to make things even crazier than they are right now in the country.

“They are domestic terrorists. They are not legitimate actors in the democratic process. They have no right to exist.”

The organization, WND said, has vowed to disrupt some patriotic “Spirit of America Rallies,” set to culminate this weekend in cities across America, including Washington, D.C.


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