Ex-Bernie Sanders Consultant Arrested for Planting Guns, Ammo for a Future Jail Break

An ex-Bernie Sanders consultant named Alex Friedmann was arrested for allegedly planting guns and ammunition at a Tennessee prison being built. Friedmann was a consultant on Criminal Justice Reform for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign. He is being held on a charge of Felony vandalism for now.

ex-bernie sanders consultant
Alex Friedmann mugshot via Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

So…his definition of “reform” is to cause people to be killed in a jail break? What is WRONG with these people?

Friedmann was supposedly plotting to help prisoners escape when the facility is finished. The correctional facility is in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. It was slated to open in April, but the opening is now on hold “indefinitely.”

“Throughout the last several weeks it was discovered that Mr. Friedmann, over many months, had developed and implemented an extremely deliberate – and in my opinion evil – plan. Understand, this plan went far beyond vandalism. Ultimately it included planting various tools, weapons, security equipment throughout this facility. All designed to assist in a massive escape plan…

…What disturbed me most is not that this was about an escape. It was also about loss of life. Friedmann, a convicted felon and a self-described criminal justice advocate, planted loaded guns with additional ammunition inside this detention center.” Sheriff Daron Hall

The ex-Bernie Sanders Consultant

Friedmann was arrested on January 4 for attempted burglary, evidence tampering, and possession of burglary tools. He reportedly broke into a downtown detention facility dressed as a construction worker. This arrest stems from that investigation.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook:

Since that time, the criminal investigation has continued. Last night at approximately 9:30, Alex Friedman was booked into the Davidson County jail on a Class A Felony vandalism charge with a $2.5 million bond.

The bond amount in this case is one indication of the seriousness of his actions.

Understand, this plan went far beyond vandalism. Ultimately, it included planting various tools, weapons, and security equipment throughout this facility – all designed to assist in a massive escape plan.

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Mr. Friedmann, a convicted felon and self-described criminal justice advocate, planted loaded guns with additional ammunition inside this detention center.

Keep in mind, staff working inside a detention center is never armed.
Let me be very clear – he also put every inmate at risk, every visitor at risk, and he put the entire community in jeopardy.

Mr. Friedmann is being housed at the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Fox noted:

“A press release from the sheriff’s office said that corrections officials noticed on Dec. 30 that two keys were missing. They viewed surveillance video and saw someone dressed as a construction worker who matched Friedmann’s description taking a key ring, then coming back and replacing it with two keys missing.

Friedmann, who was associate director of the Human Rights Defense Center and managing editor of its Prison Legal News publication, was released following that arrest after he posted $2,500 bond, and the case is still pending. HRDC director Paul Wright declined to comment on the allegations but told Fox News that Friedmann resigned from the organization following his January arrest.”

The following photos are of Friedmann’s alleged accomplices:

Can’t justify this by saying he’s an “advocate” for prison reform, when the only thing this would have done is cause massive loss of life.  Keep in  mind that it was a Sanders supporter that attempted to murder conservatives at a baseball practice in 2017. It seems that our resident socialist candidate may be garnering some really bad people to his campaign.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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