Evil: Video shows ISIS Imam teaching Muslims how to behead victims

evil2On Monday, Walid and Theodore Shoebat posted what they called a leaked video of an Imam teaching Muslim followers how to behead infidels.

According to Shoebat, this is part of what is being called the “ISIS Manifesto,” something they described as “a call to arms for Muslims around the world to kill American, Canadian and European citizens for their governments’ role in a coalition against ISIS.”

The Shoebats said the Imam in this video “explains right from his laptop the teaching we wrote about in detail on what a Muslim is ordered to do.”

And here it is:

Shoebat adds: “…you need to read the ISIS Manifesto NOW and educate yourself to what is coming.”

Perhaps more people might want to consider following Jan Morgan’s lead…  After watching this, “Muslim-Free” zones may not be such a bad idea…


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