EVIL, Thy Name is Biden, Inc.-Obama 3.0!

AD INFINITUM, this investigative journalist and Islamic Jihadi expert has zeroed in on the blatant, audacious, complicity (aiding/abetting) of HUSSEIN Obama’s hench-people vis a vis the genocidal mullahs and related barbaric hydras. Marxist-Commie dictators are recipients of much largesse too.

IN point of fact, among countless related indictments, the below are more than prima facie evidentiary trails.


NOT only that, within “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” (8/2016), Chapter 3 attests to all of the above and then some: What Does The Obama Administration, The “Fourth Estate” , And Academia Have In Common?

ALL of which leads straight back to the Islamist-in-Chief and his die-hard quest to bring Iran’s Terrorist Mastermind Mullahs to the nuclear finish line, as well as to ensure that they have billions to sow death and destruction upon Israel, as well as to   export Islamic Jihad all across the west. A two-fer crime of an exponential order of magnitude.

MIND you, as repeatedly asserted: Dementia/Crooked/China/Pedo Joe can barely remember where he is, nor how to put one foot in front of the other, hence, HUSSEIN is pulling all of the strings! As such, for starters, placing him (next up, George Soros a/k/a The Devil Incarnate, and so on and so forth) on trial for Crimes Against Humanity will save western civilization! Indubitably.

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Mike LaChance | November 13, 2023

Most political pundits, including some on the left, agree that giving Iran access to huge amounts of cash in recent months, was directly linked to the Hamas attacks on Israel.

Now the Biden administration is reportedly considering doubling down on this wrongheaded idea by giving Iran access to billions more.

Aside from the security risks, both national and international, why would we help a country that is bent on our destruction. It makes absolutely no sense.

Townhall reports:

Biden Admin Considering Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion

The Biden administration — through the State Department specifically — is reportedly considering issuing a waiver to Iran that would allow access to another $10 billion worth of previously frozen cash, this time held in Iraq.

This alarming development comes after the Biden administration — in the days before Iran-backed Hamas terrorists launched their October 7 slaughter of Israelis — unfroze billions of dollars for Iran as part of a questionable prisoner swap arrangement. Since that deal was made, Iranian proxies have continued to launch attacks at Israel as well as U.S. troops in the Middle East, wounding dozens of American service members.

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

The Biden administration may approve a sanctions waiver on Tuesday that will allow Iran to access at least $10 billion in previously frozen funds held in Iraq, a closely watched decision that comes just a month after the Tehran-backed terror group Hamas launched an attack on Israel that left 1,200 dead.

The waiver would extend the multibillion-dollar sanctions relief first issued in July that expires tomorrow. It allows Iraq to transfer frozen electricity payments into Iranian-owned bank accounts in Europe and Oman. The waiver renewal is driving concerns that the Biden administration is maintaining financial avenues for Tehran as the country’s terrorist proxies foment chaos across the Middle East.

This is insanity.




Nothing this administration does makes sense. Nothing.

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