More evidence of Google, media bias

Media bias? Nahh...
Media bias? Nahh…

Media bias? Nahh…

As everyone already knows by now, Google took quite the hit when the news hit the internet that their *ahem* algorithm was to blame for keeping Trump’s image conspicuously absent if the words “presidential candidates” were punched up.

After being caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, the internet services giant claimed their *ahem* algorithm problem was fixed and that Trump and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would be added to that specific search.

To further illustrate just how fair Google is, just type “Clinton historic” and your search results will appear with plenty of hits regarding how historic “Clinton historic” really is:


But interestingly enough, if you do another Google search on “Trump historic,” guess what kind of hits you’ll get? You guessed it, plenty of hits on… wait for it… Hillary Clinton.


But if the printed word just ain’t your bag, check out the rather amazing video evidence of media bias.

First we see how CNN reported Trump’s acceptance speech. Political analyst Ryann Grochowski notes that CNN’s usage of words like “dark” and “hopeless” were prominent in their report. oddly enough, a CNN poll taken right after Trump’s speech cites 75 percent of those questioned rate Trump’s oration as either somewhat or very positive. Interesting, huh?

Then we see Gary Baker, editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal, commenting on the two very different takes put forth by the political reporters at the New York Times. Or as Baker succinctly, and somewhat sarcastically, states that the NYT’s take on Hillary Clinton’s speech should have been recited “with soaring music in the background” complete with “stirring violins.”

Lastly, as Hillary Clinton had just completed her accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination, CNN’s numero uno anchor is seen in the midst of the undulating crowd laughing, dancing, sipping vino… basically partying along with the rest of the party faithful while the reveling in everything Hillary.


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