Everytown to pols: Stand up to ‘gun lobby,’ bow down to us

Newsweek is reporting that anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety is planning to spend $1 million on “digital and television ads in eight states to demand Republicans in Congress pass gun control legislation.”

Anti-gunners want lawmakers to “stand up” to the “gun lobby” and instead acquiesce to the gun control lobby. (Dave Workman)

According to Newsweek, Everytown has “called on Mitch McDonnell and other prominent Republicans to stand up to the gun lobby.” Translation: Stand up to the gun lobby, but buckle under to our demands.”

What do they want? Expanded background checks and “a strong federal ‘red flag’ law.”

That’s what the advertising message says. “Tell Mitch McConnell to stand up to the gun lobby and pass bipartisan background check and red flag laws to keep guns away from people who pose a danger to our communities.”

In addition to McConnell, the advertising reportedly targets Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Cory Gardner, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Rob Portman and Lamar Alexander.

But wait a minute. Two Republican Congressmen—Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Jim Jordan of Ohio—have thrown down the proverbial gauntlet with an Op-Ed appearing at that contains some facts the gun prohibition lobby may not want people to know:

  • Every attacker in all of the recent mass public shootings passed a background check and purchased his firearm from a federally licensed firearm dealer.
  • There’s not a single mass public shooting that would have been prevented by universal background checks.
  • The only way to enforce “universal background checks” is to have a universal gun registry, which is a step toward future gun confiscation.
  • Red flag laws are…dangerous because they pressure those who need mental health care to avoid seeking it for fear of having their guns confiscated.
  • The attacker in Parkland, Florida killed 17 people with 15 ten-round magazines and not a single high-capacity magazine.
  • Seventeen states have already passed red flag laws, and there’s no evidence that these laws have reduced the frequency of mass public shootings.

Meanwhile, former Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords was in Colorado, telling a crowd of “about 150 people” that they need to “be bold, be courageous” in their push for more gun control laws.

The gun control crowd is pulling out all the stops. They sense that the National Rifle Association, currently under fire over allegations of spending and management troubles, may be on the ropes. The NRA has been in tight spots before, and there are other Second Amendment groups that provide additional options for the gun rights activist. They include the Second Amendment Foundation and its sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. There is also Gun Owners of America, and a legion of state and even local groups.

SAF and CCRKBA are hosting the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference Sept. 20-22 in Phoenix. Expect representatives from GOA, NRA and other groups to be there. The event will be held at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, and it typically attracts hundreds of activists from across the country for a weekend of networking, panel discussions and reports on legal activity, state and federal legislation and the 2020 election outlook.


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