What every parent should know: DEA releases newest drug slang, code words

DEA releases list. (Wiki)

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has just released a listing of what every parent should at least have handy – the latest slang and code words for every illegal drug and controlled substance on the streets.

But the bad news is unless you have a photographic memory, it’s nearly impossible to memorize the thousands of words and phrases used for everything from amphetamines to Xanax.

To give just an example of how extensive the list is, has published a sample of some of the more abused substances on the streets;

  • Cocaine: Angie, Audi; Aunt Nora; Baby Powder, Belushi (mixed with heroin), Bolivian Marching Powder, California Pancakes, Death Valley, Devil’s Dandruff, Flea Market Jeans, Foolish Powder, Girlfriend, Happy Trails, Mona Lisa, Pimp, Racehorse Charlie, Tutti-Frutti and Whiz Bang.
  • Heroin: Antifreeze, Aunt Hazel; Beyonce, Bombs Away, Chinese Food, Dead on Arrival (DOA), Diesel, Dog Food, Foolish Powder, Galloping Horse, Obama, Old Steve, Prostituta Negra, Roofing Tar, Tootsie Roll, Tragic Magic, White Boy, White Girl, White Junk, White Lady; White Nurse; White Shirt; White Stuff and Witch Hazel.
  • LSD: Battery Acid, Beast, Dental Floss, Golf Balls, Goofy; Spit & Die, Mind Detergent, Teddy Bears, Uncle Sid, Valley Dolls; Vodka Acid, Wedding Bells, White Lightening, White Owsley, Window Glass, Window Pane, Yellow Dimples, Yellow Sunshine and Zen.
  • Marijuana: Aunt Mary, Bambalachacha; Barbara Jean, Blondie, Chernobyl, Dinkie Dow, Downtown Brown, Giggle Smoke, Gorilla Glue, Grand Daddy Purp, Hairy Ones, Little Green Friends, Love Nuggets, Maui Wowie, Mowing the Lawn, Queen Ann’s Lace, Smoochy Woochy Poochy, Wacky Tobacky and Wake and Bake.
  • Ecstasy: Blue Kisses, Booty Juice (dissolved in liquid), Clarity, Dancing Shoes, Decadence; Doctor, Domex (mixed with PCP), E-Bomb, Ecstasy, Essence, Eve, Kleenex, Love Doctor, Love Potion #9, Love Trip (mixed with mescaline), Molly, Moon Rock and Ro.

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