Eva Edl, Pro-Life Concentration Camp Survivor Arrested by FBI

Are YOU a threat to Democracy? Are they?

In the never-ending FBI threat mantra pushed by the Biden administration, 11 more pro-life protesters were indicted for FACE violations. (Protesting in front of an abortion clinic). Among them was Eva Edl, an 87-year-old WW2 Concentration Camp survivor. She is originally from Yugoslavia, but is German by heritage and language.

 The Justice Department has charged 11 more pro-life activists with violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act for blocking the entrance of an abortion clinic in 2021. The 11 activists were charged with FACE Act violations stemming from their 2021 “blockade” of an abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

New information about one of the pro-life advocates arrested recently shows she is an 87-year-old woman who is a concentration camp survivor.

Yet the event was mostly pro-life people staging a peaceful sit in along with signing and praying and it was so lawful and peaceful that local police let them go after minor misdemeanor charges. But if convicted on these federal charges from the Biden administration, Vaughn faces up to 11 years in prison, three years supervised release and fines of up to $350,000.

One of the pro-life advocates the FBI considers as a danger to the public is an elderly woman, Eva Edl, who is a German survivor of a communist prisoner-of-war concentration camp during World War II.  Life News

Is Eva Edl a danger to the public? Is she a danger to democracy? The clinic she visited in 2021 no longer exists after the overturn of Roe v Wade. Why is the FBI going back in time to charge people for a situation that no longer exists?

The Communist Concentration Camps in WWII

The Soviets and the Nazis had begun the war as allies, but when Hitler invaded Russia and slaughtered millions of civilians, the Russian lust for vengeance ran hot. Armed with the weapons and moral authority of the Grand Alliance, the Red Army invaded from the east, driving out the Nazis. Terror came in Stalin’s bloody wake.Hitler’s betrayal fueled a rage and a hatred against Germany that would flood Eastern Europe with the blood of the innocent and the cries of the violated for years.

Eva Edl and her people were called Danube-Swabians; they were Yugoslavian by birth but German by heritage and language. The new communist government first dehumanized her people in the law. Then, empowered by the Grand Alliance, they unleashed a violent, genocidal campaign against Eva and her people…

Unlike the Nazi concentration camps, the communist concentration camps did not shut down when the war ended. They were just getting started. Eva’s biography


I have known one other woman who was stuck in such a concentration camp in Yugoslavia – her mother managed to help her and her sisters escape – their long trek to freedom required them do horrific things to survive.  Eva was finally rescued from her plight, but after arriving here, she learned that America also has “death camps.” They were called abortion clinics.

Eva has been arrested 46 times in her fight to save babies from death. One time she was arrested for trying to give Terry Schiavo a drink of water so that she wouldn’t die from dehydration. Terry died anyway from the Gestapo tactics of the government.

Does Eva run around forcibly blocking people from entering an abortion clinic? No. Her crime was standing near the door singing hymns and praying. It was entirely peaceful, contrary to the word of the FBI. Not that it surprises us.

Eva faces up to one year in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted. The FBI has a long list of people they feel are threats to the “public” and ultimately to Democracy. This FBI is rogue, answering only to the Biden administration’s hacks and evil fear-mongers. They think YOU are a threat. Pay close attention, because you could be next.

These is a warning label on this video, placed by YouTube:




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