“Ethan’s Law” Could it Get You Killed?

On May 21, 2019, Rep Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) introduced “Ethan’s Law,” legislation that requires all guns to be stored “in a safe manner.” The problem with it is that guns that are unloaded and locked away when needed can get you killed. Especially if you live in rural areas where law enforcement could be a long distance away, or nonexistent if you can’t get to a phone to call them.

ethan's law
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People who live in larger population areas have no understanding of that fact. Those of us who live in rural areas, however, feel differently.

The CT Mirror reported,

The Connecticut congressional delegation on Tuesday introduced a bill in the U.S. House named after a 15-year-old from Guilford that would place new requirements on gun owners to ensure firearms are stored safely in the home.

Ethan’s Law, named after Ethan Song, a teen who accidentally shot himself in the head last year with a gun owned by his friend’s father, would impose a $500 fine each time an unsecured, loaded gun is found in a home. The bill would also substantially increase that fine – and increase liability in a civil suit —  if that weapon accidentally wounds or kills someone.

“This legislation will protect families who own guns,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rdDistrict, the chief sponsor of the House legislation.

The tragedy of Ethan Song is sad, but this is not something that should be handled on a Federal level, and not something that should be mandatory even across a state. It would also have been helpful if someone had taught Ethan some basic skills with a weapon so that he wouldn’t have accidentally shot himself in the head. (He found a cardboard box with ammo in it at a friend’s house). Connecticut passed the legislation called Ethan’s Law on Thursday. Their Governor will likely sign it. Now it is introduced in the House of Reps in DC.

In January, Sens Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy introduced similar legislation in the Senate (S 193). So far it hasn’t gone anywhere. The media blames the NRA for inaction on the bill. But liberals have the bad habit of piling more and more regulations and laws on top of problematic ones that currently exist.

DeLauro touts “Ethan’s Law” as a bipartisan bill that is “common sense.” It’s not.

Tom Knighton responded to this bill with this statement:

It will cost rural people their lives. It’ll cost people who live in bad neighborhoods their lives. It’ll cost stalking victims their lives.

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Bills like this assume that guns are only used in hunting situations or going to the range. These politicians think firearms won’t be needed in an unexpected situation. The problem is, you don’t always get to pick the moments when you’ll need your guns. The bad guys get a vote, and the initiative is on their side. We, as law-abiding citizens, are forced to react to those situations.

Well said.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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