Erickson: ‘You have not been affected by Donald Trump, so shut up’

Erickson: ‘You have not been affected by Donald Trump, so shut up’This Monday will mark one month since President Trump took office and as anti-Trump protesters continue their assault on President Trump with their ‘mass mooning’ gathering in Chicago and businesses are being boycotted by carrying anything related to Trump or his family, Conservative radio host, Erick Erickson has a message for those protesters.

Erickson originally was a supporter of then Republican candidate, Ted Cruz, but after the Trump victory, Erickson said okay, let’s see what President Trump can do and give him a chance.

However, the anti-Trump protesters will not give up and Erickson decided it was time to send them the message, “You have not been affected in any way, shape, or form by Donald Trump, So shut up.”

Erickson in his editorial said:

In just over three weeks, the media and activist left have trotted out a parade of “horrible’s”. They have distributed and retracted stories at breakneck speed. But the simple, honest truth is that Donald Trump has not affected your life in any way. Those of you who are spending your time protesting him are the epitome of the privilege you rail against and are divorced from reality.

In the past three weeks, your healthcare has not gone away. Your taxes have not gone up or down. Your children’s education has not improved or declined in quality. You are no more or less safe. Not a single thing has changed from three weeks ago except the outrage.

And the outrage machine is full of overly privileged people who will not go to jail for protesting the man they would have you believe is a ruthless authoritarian. Not only that, they are so privileged that many of them are being given time off from work or school to protest. Some of them are making money to protest.

Most Americans are raising their families, going to work, going to church, and trying to get by. They are not thinking about politics 24/7. The people who are thinking about politics 24/7 are the most white privileged of all privileged people, even if they aren’t white. They are taking advantage of a system that lets them protest, press grievances, and whine all the time over something that has not affected them in any way at all. I can’t think of anything more privileged than that. They don’t even have to work — they can professionally organize and march in the streets. Must be nice.

In the real world, people are getting up this morning, getting their children off to school, going to work, and focusing on the week ahead. Donald Trump has not affected them. No part of their day has been changed by him except when they turn on the television and see some rich Hollywood celebrity complain about how rotten things have suddenly gotten. Americans in the real world have seen neither an uptick nor downturn in their lives and livelihoods. In fact, the only area that has seen a decline is in sports and entertainment where politics has encroached to an absurd degree as leftists try to ruin everybody’s fun.

If you really do think Donald Trump has, in some way, made your life measurably or immeasurably worse in the past three weeks, you might need to check your privilege. The rest of us are too busy with the real world to notice.

So shut up and join the real world. Get a job. Go back to school. And ladies, shave.

The absurd has gotten to the point that a liberal on Facebook posted this and said, “I have been losing sleep since Trump has been moving forward. Each day seems worse news than the day before. My husband who has taught history for 35 yrs is stunned! Come on our elected Senators and Congress – put our govt back together please.”

Two other liberals chimed and said, “Both my husband and I are losing sleep, too! This whole administration has to go! As I’ve posted before, from trump, pence, all the cabinet, staffers, aides, and truthfully….mist of the republican congress for allowing this to continue and grow even more dangerous. Think about it…clean air and water gone, education comprised, banks and airlines deregulated, crazies get guns, hell, they even did something regarding protecting animals from abusers…..puppies and kids…this whole GOP is power drunk…..”

“Well said indeed! We are all unable to sleep and during some instances unable to take a breath. 45 and his band of Nazi idiots are coming at ALL of us…nationality, race, religion, sex, age, monetary class, sexual orientation, etc. etc. The ONLY chance we have is to unite. Together we will rise!”

Interestingly enough, the anti-Trump protesters keep shouting how the Russians helped steal the election for Trump but they forget that the Russians have already infiltrated America decades ago.

This particular covert operation began the creation of the culture that we see today, of political correctness that includes racism, liberalism, immoral and unethical acceptances, anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, favoring Socialism, and hate talk from the liberal progressives, namely, the core of the Democratic Party.

Soviet agents infiltrated America and began a covert operation of transforming America into today’s political correctness society.

It all began by one man, a Soviet mole, named Alexander Gumberg, who became the model for covert influence operators targeting America.

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