Equity Lie: Lily Tang Williams Shares How Communists Gain a Foothold

Lily Tang Williams is a survivor of the Mao Cultural Revolution in China. She is now a candidate for New Hampshire’s 2nd District in Congress. We interviewed her in 2016, and she’s just as much a spitfire now as she was then: she does not want the “country she loves to become the country she left.” And part of the way that occurred is the constant sound of calls for “equity” – the equity lie is how Communism takes control. In American Thought Leaders, a podcast by The Epoch Times, Jan Jekietek interviewed Lily as she has aspirations to save the country she loves.

Equity = Equal Outcome, not Equality of Opportunity

“Under Mao’s Cultural Revolution, they can find something you wrote, something you said many years ago, and then demonize you as an ‘oppressor.’ … You lose your job. You go to camps. You go to struggle sessions. Have you seen the struggle sessions in America today? It’s called less whiteness training.”

Lily Tang Williams

Struggle sessions:

The people of China were urged to get rid of every bourgeoisie in their midst including scholars, traditionalists, or educators. People were accused by their neighbors of counter-revolutionary crimes and forced them to endure public humiliation or even death.

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Sounds familiar. The leftists look for what you’ve written, done, or said, and demonize you. We call it the “cancel culture” but it’s far worse than that. The government wants robots, not real people. The left demands compliance. If you refuse, you become a target. No one understands the eventual result of these things more than someone who lived through it: Lily Tang Williams.

And also, they’re using some terms, like a communist terms. And especially, when also Obama become president. And he’s really racist, “We got to fundamentally transform America.” To what country? I came here for America, but they want to transform it. And I notice socialist policies. And today, everybody is talk about equity, equity. How can you have equity, which is equal outcome, which I heard in China before, without the government use a force to redistribute wealth? How do they do that? Why is everybody from corporations, to universities, and our high schools, and our federal agencies, even include our military. Everybody is proudly uses word equity, or DEI, but equity is in the middle.

Lily Tang Williams

The problem with “equity” is that what it really produces is people with the same level of poverty, unless you are high up in the party. (Does the word “elites” ring a bell?) Lily comes from a society that was poor on both sides of the spectrum – both red and black groups. In her background, Lily told Jekietek that 8 families shared one bathroom that consisted of a hole in the floor. I met one gentleman in the 1980s who was from China that told me there were three families living in his tiny apartment with one bathroom and little food. Lily is trying her best to help people understand the truth of real history.

…there are lots of elected people into US Congress who are socialist, who push for socialist policies. And the people support them, because they like the government take care of them. For me, I have left in China, I have left two years in Hong Kong. Not too sad to say what happened to Hong Kong. And I want people to rely on ourselves personal responsibility. Rely on nuclear families, extended families, and our local communities and private charities. Do not rely on government, because government actually has a tendency to overgrow and to interfere with our daily lives.

And when they promise you free stuff, remember, it’s never free. It’s paid by somebody else. And it’s use their force to tax, to redistribute wealth. And now they’re printing money out of thin air. That’s why inflation is high, gas prices so high, because their policies are actually destroying our American dream. Which is to me, freedom and the prosperity. So my last words to people is that, let’s be united. And let’s be kind, be nice to each other, and have conversations. If we disagree, let’s disagree respectfully. Then we continue with our American way of life. But America is the exceptional country. And I hope America will stand up for freedom, and for free market capitalism, still always as this shining city on the hill, for freedom lovers all over the world.

Lily Tang Williams

Disagree respectfully is apparently not in the left’s playbook. The vicious rhetoric of today’s politics seems to run amok. Lily understands the problem and wants to be elected to help solve it. She is running as a Republican this time around, and we wish her success.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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