Epic: Jim Acosta’s whining set to music, becomes instant classic

As we and others reported, grandstanding CNN propagandist Jim went bananas after he was brutally heckled at a Trump rally, with attendees chanting, among other things, “CNN sucks.”  This prompted Acosta to suggest — among other things — that journalists chant “the media are not the enemy of the people” in front of the White House.

In response, the parody account Beverly Hills Antifa created and posted a video of Acosta’s whining set to music.


As you can imagine, it became something of an instant classic.

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Acosta threw another public temper tantrum when he tried to bully White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders into saying the media isn’t the enemy of the American people.

That’s right — the same media whose operatives call Trump supporters toothless “garbage people.”

Despite what Acosta and others may say, the biased media has, in fact, acted very much like an enemy to the American people.

This… is CNN…

Let that sink in.


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