EPA Exterminates the Coal Industry


Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is looking into the EPA’s latest regulations regarding the use of coal in the United States.  Prior to Obama becoming president, before a new regulation could take effect, there had to be a cost benefit analysis.  That’s a policy Obama has done away with.  The latest regulation will cost companies billions of dollars to enact but even the director of the EPA,Gina McCarthy has admitted it will have no impact on global warming.

The new regulations require that a new plant could emit no more than 1100 pounds of CO2 for every megawatt hour of electricity produced.  That would require a carbon capture and sequestation system.  Unfortunately, they have never been tested to see if they actually work and how safe they might be.  It should be noted that systems that have been operating since 2008, show no dangerous signs, but the cost is so high that it isn’t worth the effort.

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