‘Entourage’ actor Adrian Grenier slammed for classless 9/11 tweet

adrian-1It seems Entourage actor Adrian Grenier won the race to the bottom of the barrel with a classless 9/11 tweet.

Of course, he deleted it, but not before it was captured for posterity.  Liberals apparently haven’t learned that the Internet can be forever, and with readily available tools, their forays into stupid-land are easily captured for all to see for all time.

adrian-2Naturally, it didn’t go over very well.


Well, he did, but I kinda tend to disagree.  I think that if liberals are hateful enough to post this kind of garbage to start with, they ought to have the cojones to keep it up.  If they’re not proud enough to own it, then they shouldn’t post it.

Maybe we ought to seriously consider expanding the idea of liberal control.  Just saying…


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