An enemy from when barbarianism was in fashion

“We have come to you with slaughter.”                          -ISIS’ sole declaration of intention to conquer Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza, Sinai, Jerusalem, Rome, and Spain…and then on to western Europe and America

As Barack HUSSEIN Obama gives a commencement speech in California, does a fund raiser or two, and of course hits the links, the Middle East is on fire as Sunni insurgents continue gobbling up Iraq city by city.

Sunni insurgents uniting under the banner of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant/Syria) still tied to al-Qaeda yet independent of them at the same time. ISIS…the most brutal of the brutal…marches forward towards Baghdad with NO one but a group of rag-tag Iraqi civilians trying to stop them. Funded with $429 million looted from Mosul’s central bank and from their many acts of extortion and such, donations by wealthy sponsors and ideological sympathizers throughout the Arab world continue to fill their war chest as they infuse their blood-lust with the treasure from the cities they take.

ISIS…once unheard of here in the west…now is in possession of U.S. made tanks, trucks, Blackhawk helicopters, cargo planes, and guns…equipment that once belonged to Iraqi security forces who left all behind when they ran from the very ones who even have al-Qaeda operatives running in fear of them.

And what is the ultimate goal of ISIS as they steamroll through Iraq…it really is quite simple yet at the same time it’s a harbinger of horrific death for all who oppose them as ISIS wants to establish a nation ruled under the strict unbending auspices of sharia law.

Entering Iraq from the northwest…from bloody war-torn Syria…they want to carve out a crescent nation…the crescent being the symbol of islam…and other Sunni rebel groups, furious at Baghdad’s refusal to include them in its mainly Shi’ite government, are joining ISIS in the raping and pillaging of a nation…and in the killing of all who oppose them…in the killing of all who oppose islam.

And I believe all this is a cleverly crafted plan NOT a random unforeseen occurrence for the fall of Iraq has Obama’s mark all over it for NO other reason that NO one with even one modicum of decency would help build a nation then desert that nation when they need help the most…NO one that is unless that someone had something personal to gain by that nation’s fall…unless that someone was doing so for their own selfish political reasons.


Sounds quite like Barack HUSSEIN Obama now doesn’t it…sounds quite like a man who wants us out of Iraq while we’re still on his watch so he can puff up his chest and crow that he ended America’s involvement in what he refers to as ‘Bush’s war’…sounds like a man achieving his goal of geopolitically destabilizing the entire Middle East as he sets up the perfect storm as a prelude to his oh so-wanted islamic takeover of the world.

And we CANNOT and must NOT allow that to happen for his allegiances hold court with those who want to bring a…for now…still somewhat free nation down.

And as Obama’s minions and the media tries to quell the growing firestorm here at home over both the release of the ‘GITMO 5’ and the nightmare of ISIS run amok, good old muslim sympathizer Chuck Hagel ordered the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush to the Persian Gulf, along with the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea and the guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun. Carrying Tomahawk missiles that could easily reach Iraq, the USS Bush carries fighter jets that could also reach Iraq in a heartbeat if…and only if…the green light to engage is ever given.

But you know that will NEVER happen as this display of military might is all for show…a photo-op political maneuver of the first degree…for while the war goes on ‘over there,’ Obama’s malicious indifference to our security concerns here at home remains, as it does so also for any US interests remaining in Iraq. Obama had the chance to help keep Iraq even somewhat free by negotiating with al-Maliki to put in place a ‘Status of Forces Agreement’ that would involve a limited but continued American military presence in a nation on the cusp of being reborn in freedom, but instead chose to announce the date on which he would have America basically turning her back on Iraq and the Iraqi people…letting a floundering new government have its future taken away by the very people they fought to have a future from.

So as those who still live as if in man’s barbaric past make gains by spilling as much blood as they can…as they consolidate their power in the north to move into and take over the south…the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have basically become one and the same as the borders between Middle Eastern counties slowly but surely melt away. And through it all Barack HUSSEIN Obama limits the use of American fire power…of boots on the ground…as the lands of civilization’s beginnings turns violent and volatile yet once again.

And Obama knew all this…he’s known it for quite some time…he knew the insurgency was growing …he knew the most vile of the vile were joining forces to become a mighty army of conquerors who take NO prisoners…who cut off people’s heads as a misguided trophy of manhood of sorts. He knew their goal all along and his actions…or actually his inactions…have been the banner the evil ones lead their forces with as Barack HUSSEIN Obama sits back with a smirk on his face as he watches a nation fall…a nation whose grounds are soaked with American blood of his spilling.
And as the photos of atrocities committed by those who do NOT belong amongst civilized men now seem to have be removed from the internet so as NOT to paint these bast*rds as the incarnation of pure evil that they are, always remember when George W. Bush left office the Iraqis had proud purple fingers…when the enabler Obama leaves office the Iraqi people will most likely be without a nation and so many will be without their heads.

As many of you know my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner and friend, Craig Andresen, is in facebook jail until June 26th, so I have been posting his articles for him. Please click this link: to go directly to Craig’s blog ‘The National Patriot’ to read his newest article.

enemy within
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