Emails Cast Further Suspicion on Huma Abedin

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huma1Politico has received an email chain between Huma Abedin and Taneo president and former Bill Clinton adviser, Doug Band, throws suspicion onto the relationship between State Department employee Huma Abedin and the private consulting firm Taneo.

The emails show that Band was pressing Abedin to help Judith Rodin get a White House position.  The timeline of events make it particularly suspicious.

Doug Band started Taneo in 2011, boosted by a 3.4 million dollar grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, whose president just happened to be Judith Rodin.  Under Rodin, the Rockefeller Foundation also became a contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

Rodin, through the Rockefeller Foundation, hired Taneo for 5.7 million dollars to do public relations work for them.

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