E-mail Sent to Archbishop of Canterbury responds to criticism of Christians who support Trump

Back on November 26, an article appeared on NBC News entitled, “Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christians who back Trump.” I mulled the comments for over a week and had to give the Archbishop a piece of my mind, so I went to his website and sent him the following e-mail:

Re; Your comments,”Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christian support for Donald Trump.”
As a British subject, you obviously have no clue about American politics. From an American Christian perspective, we would much rather have a President who follows the rule of law than a godless radical left-wing socialist hell bent on taking away our freedoms as did Lenin, Stalin, and Chairman Mao.
Your comments only show the fact that you have been duped by the radical left wing in Great Britain, tantamount to your acceptance of socialism. By definition, you are a “useful idiot.”
A useful idiot by definition is:

“(Originally) a citizen of a non-communist country sympathetic to communism who is regarded (by communists) as naive and susceptible to manipulation for propaganda or other purposes; (more widely) any person similarly manipulable for political purposes.”
Further stated, the Anglican Church is not considered by most American Christian fundamentalists as still being a Christian organization. You have watered-down the gospel of Jesus Christ to the point you are no longer truly a Christian organization, but a pawn of the radical left wing internationally. 
Your opinion no longer matters. Your organization is now more closely akin to the church of the antichrist.
Gerry Emery
P.S. For what it is worth, I am a descendant of Anne Boleyn’s family. My ancestry dates back to Henry the 8th. I am a proud American CHRISTIAN, and follower of Jesus Christ. We’ve got no use for apostates and infidels such as yourself, so your opinion doesn’t really matter.

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