Elite team of Kurdish female soldiers stalk ISIS kidnappers

Female PKK fighters ready for battle
Female PKK fighters ready for battle

It’s being reported that heavily-armed female fighters have joined in the fight with the men of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) against ISIS. These women soldiers from the PKK are on the hunt for ISIS militants who kidnapped 3,000 innocent women and girls in Iraq.

The girls and women kidnapped by ISIS, over the past two weeks, will either be forced into marriage, sold as sex slaves or shot if they refuse to convert to Islam. All these aspects are undoubtedly terrifying to these innocent women and girls.

The crack unit of female PKK soldiers are fighting alongside male fighters against ISIS under the cover of U.S. airstrikes. They’ve joined forces with Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga, (“those who face death”), in hunting down ISIS fighters. The Peshmerga were mountain guerrillas who fought for Kurdish autonomy in northern Iraq.

A veteran female PKK commander, Sedar Botan, was quoted by the Irish Mirror as saying:

Our support is just as important for the Peshmerga as these US strikes – bombings cannot get rid of guerrilla groups. We will keep fighting until all of Kurdistan is safe.

The Peshmerga forces are from the regional capital of Erbil and Sinjar mountains. This is the region where thousands of Yazidi have been trapped by the rapid advancement of ISIS into northern Iraq. The Kurds’ population spans across parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. They are one of the world’s largest groups who don’t have a country.

The PKK fought for decades against Turkey for independence. During that fight they executed unarmed recruits and used roadside bombs which killed numerous women and children. Because of their actions they were branded as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and U.K.

The Irish Mirror reports Iraqi terror expert Nasser Kataw said: “There has been a re-drawing of battlefield alliances as people who were once enemies have joined together to try and defeat the scourge that is the Islamic State.”

The women in the PKK are said to be striking fear in the hearts of ISIS fighters on the battlefield. Radical Islamists believe if they are killed by a woman in battle they will not reach heaven.

One questions still remains though; hasn’t the U.S hasn’t learned any lessons from siding with known terrorist organizations? If and when ISIS is destroyed will the PKK become a thorn in our sides like al-Qaeda did after the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan? How about the Free Syrian Army, (FSA), who the Obama administration armed? The weapons that were supplied to the FSA by the U.S. are now said to be in the hands of ISIS.

Perhaps the greatest hypocrisy by the U.S. government is the condemnation of Israel fighting against Hamas while we side with terrorists in Syria, Libya and Iraq. Will the U.S. ever learn? Evidently not, you can’t side with evil no matter what.

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