Eleanor Clift accuses Rand Paul of ‘trying to stir a revolt’ against government

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cliftSpeaking on the McLaughlin Report this weekend, liberal columnist Eleanor Clift accused Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) of “trying to stir up a revolt against the U.S. government,” an act of treason.

Clift made the astonishing remark right after acknowledging that Paul’s concerns about the administration’s use of drones is a valid one.

At first, she hedged, saying she couldn’t think of a “graceful” way of making her point, but after encouragement from host John McLaughlin, she unloaded.

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“It raises questions about what he’s up to. It’s like he’s trying to stir a revolt against the US government,” she said.

So now, according to Clift, Paul’s marathon 13-hour filibuster raising serious constitutional questions is equivalent to stirring up a revolt against the government — an actual act of treason.

Clearly, the country is turning stupid when treason is defined as a U.S. Senator defending the Constitution and the rule of law.

Watch the video for yourself:


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