Egyptians demand freedom but will that demand end in civil war

Muslim Brotherhood controlled ‘puppet president’ Mohamed Morsi has been in power in Egypt for just one year and the people are unhappy…unhappy about a weak and faltering economy…unhappy about deteriorating national security…and unhappy about rising islamism with its accompanying sharia law in their once secular country.

Unhappy enough to take to the streets en-masse over the weekend as the head of Egypt’s armed forces, defense minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sissi gave Morsi and his group of thugs 48 hours (countdown started on Monday) to answer the demands of the Egyptian people…or have the military issue its own “road map for the future”…a read on state TV statement serving as a warning to those on both sides that if they failed to reach some sort of agreement the army would step in, intervene, and assume power once again.
The statement added that the military will “not be a party in politics or rule” but that it has a responsibility to find a solution because Egypt’s national security is facing a “grave danger.”And in direct contrast, after the military statement, officials of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood controlled government issued their own statement saying that the military and ‘street protesters’ CANNOT and will NOT overturn the legitimacy of the Morsi’s election, calling on all Egyptians “to rally in defense of legitimacy and reject any attempt to overturn it”.

“Any coup of any kind against legitimacy will only pass over our dead bodies,” said Muslim Brotherhood official, Mohammed el-Beltagi.

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Typical muslim jihadist words.

Now add into all this the ultimatum issued by the Tamarod (Arabic for ‘Rebel’), the group who organized the protests and who have their own plan for transition (after Morsi steps down the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court would become an interim president and a technocrat government would be formed, then an expert panel would write a new constitution to replace the one largely drafted by islamists, and new presidential elections would be held in six months), this group gave Morsi until Tuesday afternoon to step down or it would escalate the rallies even further.

And there’s your proof of yet another Obama initiated and supported Arab Spring gone horribly wrong…so wrong in fact that Egypt’s future could include civil war…Egyptians fighting Egyptians…civil war NOT unlike the situation in Syria.

But Egypt right now remains under the control of both the military and Morsi, yet Egypt still has NO lawful parliament because its constitution was created without the input of any secular democrats, and that coupled with this total anti-democratic Morsi regime…a regime that recently convicted three dozen Egyptian and western employees of pro-democracy non-profits sentencing them to prison for conducting voter education efforts…fuels these demonstrations for freedom and rights…demonstrations that started in 2011 against former president Hosni Mubarak and continue on with hordes of people…an estimated 17 million people…but this time with people who are shouting slogans of pan-Arab nationalism.

And with the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Morsi government now facing a pan-Arab nationalistic uprising NOT unlike the movement that ushered Gamal Abdel Nasser into power….maybe a situation like that in Syria can be avoided because a movement based on nationalism can only grow in numbers…numbers that will eventually overtake any opposition in their way.

And when you add in that military helicopters continue to circle overhead and drop Egyptian national flags on the protesting crowds gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, maybe the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi himself know they are in big trouble.

And that trouble includes Egyptian security forces arresting 15 armed bodyguards of senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat El-Shater on Monday; that trouble includes former Egyptian prime minister Ahmed Shafik saying the reign of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will end within the week; and that trouble includes five key ministers…Tourism Minister Hisham Zazou, Communication and Information Technology Minister Atef Helmy, Environmental Affairs Minister Khaled Fahmy, Utilities Minister Abdel Qawy Khalifa and Parliamentary and Legal Affairs Minister Hatem Bagato…all resigning on Sunday.

It sure doesn’t look good for Obama’s buddies now does it.

So what of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his support of Morsi and his brethren the Muslim Brotherhood…guess what…the Egyptian people aren’t too happy with him either, and showed that by carrying placards of US Ambassador Anne Patterson, herself accused of garnering favor with the Muslim Brotherhood, alongside those of President Morsi with both defaced with large red exes, and carrying banners with anti-Obama slogans on them.

And what does Obama do in response…he issues a statement saying he’s ‘concerned’ about the violence and urged all sides to work towards a peaceful solution using restraint. Like those mamby-pamby words will accomplish anything for Morsi knows that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will NOT desert him, and that feeds his rage and determination to stay in power.

So will it take these protests turning into a revolution that turns into a civil war to secure the Egyptian people’s much wanted transition into democracy…or will those 17 million Egyptian protesters making it obvious that they do NOT want a return to the dark ages of devout islamism and sharia law end this standoff within the 48 hour time limit issued by the military…we will know that answer by the end of the week, and hopefully that answer will signal the end of an Obama supported terrorist regime run amok.


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