Egypt, Iraq, and John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry…a disaster in the making

“We do not share the view of the Egyptian government about links between the Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups like ISIS [the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq]. [Egyptian leaders] need to include, and find ways to reach out to, the Muslim Brothers…With regard to the challenge that the Muslim Brothers pose, I would characterize it more as a political challenge than a security challenge.”

– Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry’s words while in Egypt a few days ago

This man clearly does NOT get that NO foreign government wants him butting into their business either in his capacity as Obama mouthpiece or just bloviating on his own, yet this man is now back in the Middle East stirring up trouble in both Egypt and Iraq.

Starting in Egypt, the very country who just went through hell ridding itself of the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi, now in waltz’s Kerry…a stop-off on his way to screw up Iraq even more than it already is…who tells Egyptian leaders that they basically must make nice-nice with those who turned their country upside down…with those who murdered their citizens…with those who turned Egypt into a bloodbath the likes of which had NOT been seen in decades.

So of course on behalf of Muslim Brotherhood supporting Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Kerry pleaded for the release of the three al-Jazeera journalists (Cairo bureau chief, Mohamed Fahmy, who holds dual Canadian/Egyptian citizenship, Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed, and Australian correspondent Peter Greste) who were arrested in a raid at a Cairo hotel last December and who have been held at Cairo’s Tora prison ever since. Held, tried, and just recently convicted on terrorism charges relating to their conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and for falsifying their coverage of last year’s Egyptian protests to make it seem like the country was sliding into civil war, President al-Sisi felt they endangered Egyptian national security by doing what they did.

And Kerry failed to plead Obama’s case…as each journalist was given a sentence of seven years in prison and with each (of course) claiming innocence. Kerry’s failure in swaying the Egyptian court sends a message to Obama that Egypt will NOT forgive nor forget how he slammed their human rights record…taking sides with Morsi…after former general and now president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and the Egyptian Army joined together with 33 million Egyptians and took to the streets to help oust former Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohamed Morsi…the very man elected under lies in the name of taqiyya…who once elected tried to impose sharia law on this once secular nation who still wants NO part of strict islamic rule.

And as they say, ‘payback’ for Obama is indeed a b*tch.

And so Kerry left Egypt with another failure to his name, and is now in Iraq to work more of his ‘magic’ as he’s vowed on Obama’s behalf “intense and sustained support” for Iraq.


But pray tell how can that be as Obama has vowed there will be NO American ‘boots on the ground’ save for the 300 military advisers he’s sending over…sending over piecemeal as they will NOT be deployed at one time. And what will these advisers actually do…the first group deployed will focus on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of Iraqi security forces, will assess what Iraqi military equipment and weapons are now in the hands of ISIS, and will try to get better intel on ISIS strategy, weapons, and movements of its members.

Notice they are NOT being deployed to fight if need be.

And now Kerry’s intrusion…and YES that is what it is…comes as ISIS…stretched thin yet garnering support in the Sunni areas… continues to take control of NOT only towns across Iraq’s north and west provinces, but also has taken control of the so-important border crossings to Syria and Jordan, including one at Qaim, a town in the province that borders Syria. ISIS has also taken the border posts of Walid, on the Syrian frontier, and Traybil, on the Jordanian border important logistically as its location could aid ISIS in the transport of weapons and other equipment to other soon-to-be battlefields. Also in their bounty is the airport in the northern town of Tal Afar from which the Iraqi army had hoped to launch an attack to take back the city of Mosul…a city being slowly turned towards sharia law as ISIS fighters have started spewing over loudspeakers that they’ve decided islamic sharia courts will be formed in Mosul…a harbinger that burka garbage bags will soon be the mandatory dress for women…or else.

Meeting yesterday with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and with key Shi’ite and Sunni politicians of note, Kerry played like a fiddle the Obama excuse card of ‘oh dear we can’t have any collateral damage’ for when al-Maliki asked for at least targeted US air strikes against the rebels, Kerry’s true allegiances shown through as he expressed concern about possible civilian casualties being caused by our airstrikes, but he showed NO concern whatsoever about all the civilian casualties ISIS is inflicting on the population. Guess those deaths NOT count when one’s allegiances lie with the enemy or when one does NOT realize that war kills civilians as well as those who fight.

And while Kerry pretends that he knows how to prevent Iraq from being broken-apart along Sunni vs. Shi’ite lines, his epic record of failure in regards to Middle East politics and policies stands as witness that he is in way over his head. And if he even had an inkling of knowing what to do or of what actually needs to be done, especially with al-Maliki already having agreed to a July 1st deadline to start forming a new government…an Obama insisted must do if Iraq is to get any U.S. assistance in the fighting…Kerry would just keep his big mouth shut and stop butting into things everyone knows he will just screw up.

So as al-Maliki’s Shiite-led government loses more ground to ISIS as his troops simply lay down their weapons and run, Kerry keeps bloviating that al-Maliki needs to rise above “sectarian motivations” to become more inclusive…translation in liberal speak: the Iraqi government needs to be more representative of Iraq’s population. Now isn’t that kind of the same thing Obama is saying as our southern border is overrun by those with “sectarian motivations” of their own.

Sure sounds like it and sure sounds like John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry will NOT accomplish a damn thing in Iraq, and that will add to his failure with the Israeli/Palestinian so-called ‘peace talks’ and with his failure in stopping the Iranians from moving forward with their nuclear ambitions.

Seriously, just tell me what the hell this man doing over there except to make a bad situation even worse, but maybe that is the plan after all.


As many of you know my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner and friend, Craig Andresen, is in facebook jail until June 26th, so I have been posting his articles for him. Please click this link: to go directly to Craig’s blog ‘The National Patriot’ to read his newest article.



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