Egypt at a crossroads…and Obama needs to butt out

My, my…looky at what Obama’s buddy, ousted Muslim Brotherhood puppet president is being accused of…murder.

Mohammed Morsi is being brought up on charges relating to the 2011 prison break and attacks on police stations during the revolution against Hosni Mubarak. Morsi’s gunmen attacked the Wadi el-Natroun Prison freeing prisoners, including Morsi and 30 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and prosecutors contend Morsi and the Brotherhood worked with the Palestinian terror group Hamas to carry out the attacks. In the prison break alone 14 guards were killed and prison records were destroyed.

In Judge Hassan Samir own words, ”Morsi conspired with Hamas to carry out aggressive acts in the country” including killing prisoners and officers “deliberately with prior intent” along with kidnapping officers and soldiers, and setting fire to the prison.

And this is who Barack HUSSEIN Obama supported and still supports.

These charges against Morsi have just recently been made public and they are serious indeed…so serious that they will most likely within the next few weeks lead to a formal indictment for conspiring with Hamas as well as for premeditated murder.

And Obama will NOT be able to do a damn thing about it as the Egyptian people are NOT too fond of him…to put it mildly.

And of course Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad el-Haddad said the accusations are ‘ridiculous’ and ‘politically motivated’. And Hamas spokespeople said there was NOT a shred of evidence of its involvement in the prison break, in fact, they condemned the judge’s allegations of Morsi’s connection to Hamas in full.

“Hamas condemns this move since it is based on the premise that the Hamas movement is hostile,” spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said. “This is a dangerous development, which confirms that the current powers in Egypt are giving up on national causes and even using these issues to deal with other parties, first among them the Palestinian cause”.

Yeah, right…Hamas is peaceful and Obama is a Christian (said with much sarcasm and eyes rolling upward).

In fact, the military commander behind Morsi’s ouster has called for nationwide rallies to support military action against terrorism…against groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. And Defense Minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi told a graduation ceremony in Alexandria last week that Egyptians should “take to the streets…give me the army and police, a mandate to confront possible violence and terrorism so that in case there was a resort to violence and terrorism, the army would have a mandate to confront this,” he said…and hopefully the Egyptian people will give him just that.

And I believe they will for a huge banner across one entrance to Cairo’s Tahrir Square read, “The people, the source of all power, mandate the army and police to purge terrorism”.

The majority of the Egyptian people know the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, islam, and sharia law and the vast majority want NO part of it…and thus another so-called ‘Arab Spring’ gone NOT according to Obama’s plans…and this one just might end up with some form of democracy in place…something Obama did NOT want under any circumstances NO matter how much he bloviates counter to that in public.

But why is this of any importance to us here in America…why…because Barack HUSSEIN Obama was sending his brethren…Muslim Brotherhood puppet president Mohammad Morsi…F-16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks paid for with our taxpayer dollars is why, and now he’s in a quandary about the $1.5 billion in mostly military aid the US gives to Egypt every year. And as the (Obama) State Department will NOT call Morsi’s removal a coup, because a coup would mean an automatic end to all aid (and saved we taxpayers millions of dollars), he has decided instead to withhold four F-16s that Egypt was expecting delivery of until the situation stabilizes.

BIG deal as Obama has already given the Muslim Brotherhood F-16s and Abrams tanks and we are NOT really sure who has control of them at this point.

Yes, this latest event must surely embarrass Obama because of his continued support for Morsi and the Brotherhood, but we know the in-the-pocket-for-Obama media will twist these events to take the heat off him and another possible scandal…as in ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’…yet again…can you say Benghazi.

And to add insult to injury Obama, just last Friday, had State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki issue this statement, “Well we, of course, are deeply concerned by reports that an Egyptian court has ordered the detention of Mr. Morsi…I can’t speak to the specific charges, but we do believe that it is important that there be a process to work towards his release”.

Of course the Obama administration wants Morsi released…thugs, especially thugs of the muslim variety, have to stick together you know.

And even worse, thanks to the policies of our miserable excuse of a president, the US is now immaterial to the Egyptian people and their leadership and has lost all credibility in the region. Egypt can do without us and the overthrow of Morsi proves just that, as the move by the military was in direct response to a mandate from the people to restore order and security…something that should give ‘We the People’ pause to think upon…and maybe…well…you know.


wake up

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