Dutch Farmers Fight the “Great Reset” – Protests Spreading

As the leftist media reports Farmers as “extremists” for protesting the “Great Reset” green policies, Dutch farmers are working hard to make sure people understand that without farms, there is no food. The policies are nothing more than “Climate Communism.”

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” Winston Churchill

Corruption at its core?

Farmers are being forced to kill their livestock, and close their farms in order to meet “climate goals.” The Dutch government passed a law allowing the government to take over the farmer’s land.

“The Dutch minister who pushed the nitrogen law that grants the government the power to expropriate our farmers’ land has a brother who owns online supermarket @picnic. Guess who invested $600 million in that company? Bill ‘fake meat’ Gates. This is what corruption looks like.”

Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Bill Gates has been in favor of “transitioning” to all alternative (vegan) beef and using regulations to do it. He is also the largest owner of farmland in the US. Now you know why. Farmers are fighting back.



The “Great Reset”- Climate Communism

At issue are the EU and WEF “Great Reset” policies which severely limit the nitrogen produced by farming between 30% and 70%.

The Dutch farmers began with tractors blocking traffic. Now firefighters, fishermen, as well as farmers from around the world are joining the protest. They have dumped heavy bales of hay (and set fire to some of them), cow excrement, piles of dirt on roadways around the Netherlands. Dutch Police have fired their weapons at the unarmed farmers. But the fact remains: no farmers, no food at a time when the world faces massive global food shortages. It’s all thanks to Agenda 2030- the “Great Reset” championed by globalists who have more money and power than the rest of the world.


Though the Dutch farmers claim their protest will continue, the cost of driving diesel fueled tractors has climbed to ridiculous proportions all over the world. How long they will actually be able to sustain it is unknown. The government of The Netherlands knows that many of the farmers will go bankrupt from their nitrogen policies.

“The government does not offer any space to enter into a real conversation,” said the farming lobby group LTO. “Under these conditions, speaking with the mediator is pointless.”

The LTO, which represents about 30,000 farms — nearly a half of the Dutch total — described the nitrogen reduction target as “simply unfeasible.” Dutch farms produced exports worth 94.5 billion euros in 2019.

The group says the government is focused on reducing livestock and buying up farms and not paying enough attention to innovation and sustainable farming practices.


The protests have been largely peaceful on the part of the farmers, but not on the part of police. Angry farmers stole the private jet used by government officials and the Prime Minister on July 9.


It has nothing to do with nitrogen. It has nothing to do with CO2 or methane. It has nothing to do with climate change or the environment. The movement is communist. Green is just the cover for the movement being firmly, deeply, unwaveringly red. #DutchFarmers

Daniel Turner on Twitter, founder of Power the Future

Farmers, truckers, are fighting the ever-increasing Climate Communists. What will you do when the Communists complete their evil agenda in the United States, taking away the food, destroying the farmers and their livestock?


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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