‘Drama queen’ Shepard Smith defends CNN from Trump WH, gets hammered on Twitter

Shepard Smith CNN fake news drama queen
Shep Smith defends CNN from Trump White House, gets slammed on Twitter (Screengrab: YouTube)

After the Trump White House Press Secretary blocked CNN and other media outlets from a press gaggle, Fox News’ Shepard Smith went on a tear, defending the competing network, telling his audience that the reporting done by what is now seen as the least-trusted name in cable news is not “fake.”

According to Smith, the White House has “frozen out media organizations that president Trump has blasted as ‘fake news,’” while choosing “hand-picked outlets to cover the briefing.”

Here’s video of Smith playing the part of CNN lapdog:

According to Raw Story:

Smith—who last week issued a passionate rebuke of Trump’s claim that the media is the “enemy of the American people”—explained that the outlets barred by the White House were many of the outlets who conducted extensive reporting into Trump associates’ ties with Russia, and those who use off-the-record sources for background.

Referring to Trump’s CPAC speech Friday where the president once again railed into the “fake news media”/“enemy of the American people,” Smith tore into Trump’s go-to insult.

“Fake news refers to stories that are created by entities pretending to be news organizations solely to draw clicks and views that are solely based on nothing of substance,” Smith said. “In short, fake news is made-up nonsense delivered for financial gain. CNN’s reporting was not fake news.”

Many could take issue with what Smith said, and did so on Twitter:

For a number, it has already worn thin.  Here’s video of Smith defending CNN in a video posted to YouTube by CNN:

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Good question…

A number of people said Fox should fire Smith:

Hmmm…  That sounds just like… You got it — a liberal protest chant!



It seems many others feel the same way.


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