Draining the Swamp: RINO Senator Bob Corker Calls It Quits

Noted RINO Senator Bob Corker has announced that he will not be running for a new term after his current one ends in 2018.  The Tennessee Senator is increasingly unpopular and would have struggled mightily or even been swamped in a primary a la Roy Moore.  He cast his lot with the Never-Trumpers and his ethical lapses combined to make his path forward seem daunting and he decided to quit before he got fired.

His timing is suspect.  He made his announcement just a couple of hours before the polls closed in Alabama.  That must have been the moment he saw the writing on the wall.  Strange is not the only incumbent who appears to be in real danger.  RINO Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona trails Kelli Ward by 27 points in the first poll conducted there.  Danny Tarkanian is leading Dean Heller in Nevada by eight points.  In my not so humble opinion the defeat of these four is every bit the pickup as any Democrat defeat in 2018 would be.  But we are still stuck with John McCain at least for the immediate future.

From Breitbart News:

 Corker’s surprising announcement came one day after the publication of the third story in a series by Breitbart News that documented his sweetheart deal investment in a Mobile, Alabama retail center arranged by a law firm that donated $28,000 to Luther Strange’s Senate campaign. In that deal, Corker is expected to receive more than $3 million in sales tax payments made by Alabama consumers to the City of Mobile over the next twenty years as part of a sales tax rebate incentive to a development company in which Corker has a 13 percent ownership interest.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Corker has made a number of high profile political missteps over the past several years that have hurt his approval ratings among likely Tennessee Republican primary voters.

In addition to his unpopular championing of President Obama’s nuclear giveaway deal to Iran during the last administration, Corker drew the ire of Tennessee Republicans with his very public recent criticisms of President Trump. Those criticisms fell flat in a state which President won by a 61 percent to 35 percent margin over Hillary Clinton in 2016, taking 92 of 95 counties.

Corker is credited as one of the Senators who convinced Trump to endorse Luther Strange and then made it worse by convincing him to actually campaign for him, which is seen as a huge mistake by Trump’s base.

Corker is still under investigation by the SEC for insider trading combined with other financial irregularities that spell trouble for him in a primary and possibly even more in the ensuing general election.

The latest revelation to hit Corker was a sweetheart sales tax deal that was given to a company Corker has a 13 percent stake in.  The deal was negotiated by Luther Strange, who then received a $28,000 campaign contribution from the company.

More From Breitbart News:

 That rebate is substantial; 28 percent of all city sales tax collected and 30 percent of all county sales tax collected from stores in the center is paid out to McGowin Park Incentive, LLC, in two securities known as City of Mobile Limited Obligation Project Revenue Warrants, Series 2013 and Mobile County Limited Obligation Project Revenue Warrants, Series 2013.

Corker received $40,459 in 2015 and $108,682 in income from City of Mobile Limited Obligation Project Revenue Warrants, Series 2013, and Mobile County Limited Obligation Project Revenue Warrants, Series 2013, according to financial reports he filed with the United States Senate. He is scheduled to receive $155,500 in income from those warrants in 2017; $168,808 in 2018; $192,000 in 2019; and [at least] $192,000 a year for the next 15-and-a-half years.


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