Dr Ben Carson Threatens to Quit Republican Party


After news that the Republican establishment met to discuss the possibility of having a brokered convention in 2016, retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate  Ben Carson threatened to leave the Party.  He became angry because such a move would let the establishment try to nullify the results of the primaries and caucuses.

Representatives of the two main establishment candidates, Bush and Rubio, were in attendance.  The meetings included a discussion on combining all the delegates won by those two and putting them behind one of the candidates.  (Rubio voters, WAKE UP…Look who is backing him and be very very afraid.)

When Dr. Carson heard the news, he was furious.  He could end up with a large majority of the delegates and still be deprived of the nomination, even if he fell just one delegate short.  Remember, delegates are locked in for only the first vote.  After that, they can vote for someone else.  Carson, Trump and Cruz are obviously the target on the brokered convention strategy.  If one of them is elected, the RNC (Republican National Committee) would be neutralized and rendered to irrelevance.

Carson warned the RNC that such meetings could destroy the Republican Party:

“If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning.”

Carson then said that he prayed that the Washington Post story was incorrect and threatened to leave the GOP if it is correct:

“If it is correct, every voter who is standing for change must know they are being betrayed. I won’t stand for it.  I assure you Donald Trump won’t be the only one leaving the party.”

That should serve as a double warning for establishment Republicans.  It sounds not only like he might leave the Party, but also that he might team up with Donald Trump, which they would consider a nightmare situation.  Trump would demand to be number one on the ticket, but he could promise to serve only one term or give Carson complete control over healthcare.

Carson had one last statement:

“I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald.  But I will not sit by and watch a theft. I intend on being the nominee. If I am not, the winner will have my support. If the winner isn’t our nominee then we have a massive problem.”


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